4 Simple Techniques For Printing Reverse Text

printing reverse text

The usage of reverse text is not a new concept. Many famous writers adopted this style of writing. It dates back to the 17th century and possibly farther. It was popular during the Ottoman Empire and the pre-Islamic period.

In our daily lives, reverse text could be employed for a variety of purposes. It can be used to print a reflective sticker with the word ambulance in reverse text. This is intended to alert cars who notice the ambulance in their rearview mirror to pull aside and clear the road. Because of the double mirroring, the reverse text looks justified in the rearview mirror.

Reverse text is also used to transfer printed text and logos through transfer paper, which after implementation seems correct. It is also used for data encoding. Reverse text can also be used to help children remember the spellings of difficult words. However, many have difficulties printing reverse text for future use.

This article will go over many methods for printing reverse text. These are the methods:

Reverse text Generator

If you want to have text written backwards in an easier way, try any online reverse text generator. You may use flipyourtext reverse text to reverse the text of an entire paragraph or article. You can use any text reverser available online for this purpose.

Simply copy and paste the text you wish to reverse, and the word reverser will do the rest, writing the text backwards. There are numerous programs accessible for this purpose; however, we recommend using the backwards text generator offered on flipyourtext.com. Aside from the convenience of use given by this tool, there are other more text-related tools that might be employed as needed.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is an incredible word processor that is unrivalled by any other word processing software option in windows 11. It offers numerous text formatting and writing options. Text can be written or printed in numerous fonts and sizes. As a result, it is an effective word processing tool.

It also gives a way for converting written text into reverse text format. Here’s how to use Microsoft Word to write or print reverse text. There are two approaches. The first allows you to save reverse text data in soft form, while the second just allows you to print reverse text.

Let us examine both ways. In the first way, you simply insert a text box from the file’s inset option. You can select from a translucent boundary to a stylized boundary with a coloured front. Now, in Microsoft Word, type the text you want to reverse in this box. Make sure to size the inserted text box to match the size of the text in the text box.

By right-clicking on the text box, select the format shape option. Select 3D rotation from the menu to view various customization possibilities. Now, go to the rotation area and rotate the X-axis by 180 degrees, and the text is inverted.

This was the first way; the second is simpler but can only be used for printing. Open Microsoft Word and select a text-based file. Now, under the options menu, select the advanced option. Scroll down to the print section on the right side of the screen. Tick the box next to Print pages in reverse order. Now, click OK to exit the menu. This is how you may write and print reverse text in Microsoft Word for later use.

Check the Preferences of Your Printer

Many printers already choose reverse text printing. The issue is that the name of this feature may differ from printer to printer. Some printers call it back print, while others call it mirror image, flip horizontal, revers, or emulsion down.

You can use this functionality to get output as reverse text. If you can’t find this feature in your printer’s properties, don’t panic; there is another simple way to get reverse text printed. While providing instructions to the printer, go to the advanced tab and select the “reverse all pages” option in the output choices section; this is how you can quickly get reverse text produced.

If you have an outdated printer and don’t see anything like the examples above, you can try another method to receive reverse text as printer output. Choose the pages option and reverse the order of pages in the page range choice, for example, if it was set to 1-5, simply change it to 5-1 and you can now effortlessly print reverse text using your printer.

MS Paint

You may also use Microsoft Paint to reverse the text; here’s how. Open the Microsoft Paint software first, then copy the formatted text into it. Now, in the Microsoft Paint window, choose the text you copied. Go to the image menu and select the flip or rotate option.

Select flip horizontal to reverse the text created in MS Paint. Now click Okay to finalize the action. When the text has been reversed, copy it from the Microsoft Paint window and paste it in notepad or Microsoft Word for further use or printing.


Text reversal is not a new concept; it has been used for centuries. There is evidence that reversed text was used in Arabia prior to the arrival of Islam. It was also employed throughout the Ottoman Empire. It is still useful in our daily lives. It is used for pasting text on fabrics and wooden items using transfer paper; it is also used to write ambulance to make drivers aware of the presence of an ambulance on the road; and it may be used as a fun game to assist children in learning the spellings of complex words.

Some methods for printing reversed text have been discussed. We hope you find these techniques useful for this goal.