Application development: current and future trends

Application development

Software development is a complex process that includes the choice of professionals and certain strategies to achieve the best performance. For this reason, when a company decides to build an application, a number of factors should be considered, including aligning the approach methodology with its market outlook.

The software development market has undergone profound changes in recent years. New devices and paradigms have influenced the way we build apps. Now companies are closer to their users and change happens faster.

In this scenario, the company must be ready to relax its routines and seek to remain competitive. Thus, new IT trends play a key role.

There are a number of approaches that can be used by the business to develop successful software – factors that help to avoid errors, reduce the need for rework, and ensure that the application is well received by the market. , as :

Application development

• use of indicators;

• preparation of a good plan;

• monitoring of new market trends.

In addition, the company must define a methodology aligned with its objectives and identify the profile of the target audience.

Cloud computing, for example, has allowed companies that create software to make their processes more flexible and integrated. Professionals in the field no longer need to be at their workplace to develop a tool: an internet connection is enough to access the main frameworks and IDEs.

In other words, the new IT development environment is smarter, more secure and more integrated. Companies are able to act strategically, focusing on the results and on the needs of their target audience, without compromising the final quality of the software.

How to make sophisticated software

Creating sophisticated, high-performance software is every developer’s desire. Regardless of their type of work, professionals in the field are always looking to develop solutions that adapt to the user’s needs and create user experiences capable of retaining all those who have installed the application on their devices.

But what makes an application sophisticated and popular with users? What are the contributing factors for a person to integrate the app into their daily life?

User experience

User experience (also known as UX, an acronym for User Experience), for example, is one of them. Factors such as performance, layout and language used have been taken into account by the company and become visible to the user.

But that’s just one of the many aspects that impact the success of the app. Before that, there is a series of stages during which the characteristics of an application can have a significant impact on its operation.

Traditional methodologies are less open to changing software requirements during the development process.

Agile methodologies are more open to change, as they prepare the business to deal with changes at all times.


Moreover, another factor that makes software a successful application is security. Managers should ensure that, from the start, the application is built with a focus on user security and privacy.

It is important for the company to be able to store user data in reliable environments that are free from unauthorized access by third parties. The source code must be regularly checked for flaws and security flaws, preventing the distribution of the application with serious vulnerabilities.


Another key point is the performance of the software in your daily use. At the end of each development stage, the company must evaluate the application’s performance in different scenarios and devices.

This will allow the identification of bugs and errors that affect the user experience. All defects must be cataloged and eliminated quickly. Thus, the company reduces the risks that the application delivered to the user does not present the expected performance.

In summary, the key to developing a sophisticated application is to have constant attention to the needs of the user and the quality of the final source code. The company should always seek to act strategically, avoiding mistakes and other factors that hinder the creation of a quality innovative experience.

Software development has become essential for many companies. Today, the traditional acquisition of off-the-shelf systems is no longer able to meet the professional requirements of enterprises. It is precisely for this reason that it is common for companies to seek applications suited to their operational profile.

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