Tech Tips & Tricks That Your Business Should Know About


Making sure that your technology can be quickly brought back online in the event of a loss of computing power is critical to keeping your e-doors open. Quality data transmittal to your suppliers, buyers, clients and vendors is crucial to keeping your stock at a steady level and your clients happy. Little will damage your credibility faster than a major tech failure.

Use the Most Effective Digital Communication Tools

Many businesses are working regularly with staff members working remotely. Make sure that your team, no matter their physical location, can all share ideas and data on their projects. A robust method of

  • defining all the tasks that make up a project
  • assigning tasks with appropriate data and logical deadline
  • tracking time and sending out completion goal reminders

It’s never good policy to surprise your staff. It can lead to unhappy, disengaged employees and delivery delays to disgruntled clients. Create safe spaces for everyone to contribute ideas, then assign tasks that need to be gathered up into projects.

Train Regularly

If you need to make different assignments of projects and tasks, or if you need to upgrade any software that your team will require training on, make sure that you build dollars for training into your staffing budget. Making sure that everyone on your team knows the ins and outs of their new software tasks and their communication tools.

If you have people working side by side in a physical location, consider setting up a buddy system. The more people can share, side by side, the challenges of learning new software, the better results you will get. Even better, two heads working through an upgrade can give you a great deal of information about what is now possible.

Protect Your Most Critical Tech Processes for Continuity and Security

If you can save secondary work products for your AWS spot instance time, the risks of quick interruptions and sudden shutdowns will be less intrusive. Keeping a few machines open to redistribute the data load can also reduce the impact of a quick loss of computing power.

Protect Your Critical People in the Same Way

The ability to rely on software training, steady computing power, and technical support

will do a lot to keep your well-trained employees present and accounted for, whether virtually or in person. There are many staff members who can do at least some of their work from home each week.

You may have some employees who must work from home. Challenges around the pandemic have left many employees doing their best to guard fragile family members, including a spouse with an immune challenge or a child with a breathing challenge. Do what you can to give your employees access to this flexibility as needed. Even if they prefer to come into the office, do make sure that everyone has at least a basic home setup that can quickly be hooked up with the right laptop

Build Up Your Support Staff

New software requires training. New computers require a tech support group. Do your best to get your new software subscription in front of your tech support group as soon as you know you’re making a change so they can

  • stress test the software
  • let your tech team become fully versed in the software
  • let them test drive it, then do a bit of stress testing with customer service

New software and tech tools can lead to challenges when your employees are both trying to do their work and learn the new software. If your tech staff can put it through the paces and know how to guide your staff through any big failures, you can keep your staff rolling even when their training doesn’t match their new task.


Tech makes the business world go ’round. To keep your business rolling along and keep the data delivery constant, avoid the interruptions that can shut down employees with little notice. Use dedicated lines of data for your most involved calculations. Train employees regularly and make a space in your staff budget for upgrades in their skillset without asking them to learn new software while working on current projects.

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