Teal Swan – Talking About the Importance of Truthfulness in Relationships

Teal Swan

In today’s world, people live with a lot of pretenses, and they are not true to themselves and others. They cannot express what they truly feel for fear of hurting the other person. However, real relationships are based on the expression of true feelings and thoughts. It can only be successful when both people are true to each other and are able to express their authentic selves successfully.

Teal Swan guides the path to authenticity

Teal Swan established TealEye LLC in 2012 with the objective of spreading her vision across the globe. Her vision for the Earth fits under one title- Positive World Change. In fact, this vision does not belong to her alone; it is a vision many people worldwide share.

Teal Swan

Replacing pretense with authenticity

She spreads her vision in all her events and projects, including The Mirror, The Curveball Retreats, The Philia Center in Costa Rica, and Synchronization Workshops. She is a globally recognized spiritual leader and has a powerful voice in the fields of empowerment, authenticity, self-alignment, and metaphysics. Her ideology is based on the fact that the pretense has replaced authenticity in today’s jet-paced world.

Spreading her vision traveling the world

She is an esteemed speaker, author, and social media star. She travels extensively across the globe, teaching people about spiritual growth and self-development. She was born with a wide range of extrasensory abilities that includes clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance.

A source of inspiration for many men and women

She deploys her gifts with her experiences in life to inspire millions of individuals towards freedom, authenticity, and joy. She has written three books, is the creator of more than 150 frequency paintings, and hosts the “Ask Teal” YouTube series that has received over 45 million views.

The Fifth Element Event

She hosts an event called The Fifth Element that takes place for three days. This event helps people to awaken their inner elements and observe their innate potential to unfold. In concurrence with her unique vision for bringing in the positive world change, she founded the Headway Foundation, a non-profit organization that enables all the goals, ideas, and ventures targeted towards positive world change to become a reality.

The goal of the Headway Foundation

In the future, Headway Foundation will include centers, programs, and products in the field of education, justice reform, self-help, end-of-life care, parenting, integrative medicine, self-help, reform in the food industry, and spirituality.

Headway Foundation has the objective to create changes in society for creating a better life for all the beings who regard the Earth as their home.

Teal Swan also has an official website where she shares videos on relationships, abundance, career, and other areas where people face problems in their lives. She is well-loved by people worldwide as her presence is graceful and helps to soothe many men and women suffering due to emotional, physical, and mental distress. She helps them overcome their pain and embrace life authentically with the acceptance of the truth in a brand-new way!

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