Teaching Profession in 2020 as Compared to 2010

teaching profession in 2020

How has teaching transformed over a decade?

Teaching profession has entirely shifted its direction as its strategies and processes are much impacted by severe alterations which are brought in 10 years. By reviewing the last decade, we come to know about massive policy shifts. Teachers are mostly complaining about stiffening of their jobs as they are dealing with a constant change in the educational department in the shape of reforms. According to them, these reforms are creating some concerns about job safety and their wages due to many issues or difficulties that are increasingly arising in the environment of classrooms. Freeda Prilis, international coordinator in Chicago, pointed out some problems in teaching field that teaching is now taxing and off-putting due to an increase in liability and duties.  We can see that most countries reinforced strict reforms on teachers as a way to rank them and then also failed to provide fundamental rights of teachers. In 2010, the core of country standards were issued, new books and new teaching techniques were taken place after implementing these core standards in most countries.  Some countries and departments introduced a new pay per performance strategy to bring improvements in teaching but was miserably failed.

New policies and technology impacts on students

 Digital learning has brought some many new incentives for learning. However, it has caused social disturbances in the shape of suicides due to increase competition among students for getting higher marks. Emotional distress and psychological problems like depression and anxiety are prevailing in the society of students amid this opioid epidemic has brought havoc in the field of education. It is a fact that less number of people are approaching colleges for enrollment of their kids and countries are facing a shortage of students in classrooms due to concerns which are widely discussed by teachers. There has been a demand for hiring teachers who can bear the new crude transformations and can make themselves robust while imparting quality education in the classroom besides maintaining an educational environment in the classrooms as per writers at online dissertation help and educational firm offers expert level writing services to the students to ease their burden.

Leadership authority of teachers

Nowadays, teachers are preferred as leaders of society because their voices are heard at a broad level. By adopting new policies, many countries and institutions have emphasized on more teacher duties as leaders of the current era due to which teachers are now given the authority for deciding rules as a leader in the classroom. Moreover, teachers in past years were seen more radical in taking leadership direction forward as it could be evident from many strikes and protests led by teachers as leaders of the crowd.

Hindrances and obstacles

This matter is becoming a temporary and hasty, as most teachers feel that in future they might get some hopes for reliefs in their profession that has not been given to them. The award-winning national teacher Sarah Brown Wessling said that teaching is always a job full of complications as we are sometimes feeling the hindrance and obstacles we are trying to remove in our way of schooling. We are trying to relieve the depression, anxieties of our students besides we are asked to do detailed evaluations of our jobs, and these evaluations impact our way of schooling.

In short, many teachers agreed on a surge in liability and the emphasis on enabling students to get the high score by increasing competition among them as these are policies which are most significant shifts of the decade. Moreover, these policies and reforms have impacted the jobs of teachers significantly.

Increased responsibilities of teachers.

A teacher of Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, N.Y, has critically analyzed the growth in duties of teachers. She has criticized that we have imposed the students success on teachers as we have made teachers accountable for their success instead of promoting students efforts for success. Moreover, she has advised that it will change the primary goal when we reinforce one’s progress on the shoulders of others; instead, we should make students more skilled.

During this decade, most states have implemented new standards of learning to achieve maximum academic scores for students. Teachers started feeling insecure in their way of teaching as they think that the teaching profession is becoming more inflexible and the creativity and skill learning is gradually vanishing that was the original plan for education in previous years. They say that now more focus is on keeping a record of student’s grades cards and students competition in class as it has made the way of teaching much more stringent as compared to past. Most columnists and journalists around the world have evaluated that there has not a single relief in strict policy shift as teaching profession is more rigorous now because they are not feeling any change in accountability and duty policies for comfort of teachers.

Any hope for a better future?

Over the past decade, there are more teacher training programs. Still, the teacher’s presences in programs have decreased rapidly due to their concerns, and it might be due to that policy shift which has affected teacher’s accountability and ways of teaching badly. Whatever the cause, it must be resolved to take the teaching profession to further level where teachers were proudly serving duties of imparting primary education to students besides their character building to a great extent.

Analysts always emphasize some tactics and policies which can attract and entice teachers to quality learning again as it is the only solution to return that eminence learning in classrooms. They say that there is still a hope for the teaching profession to bring them back with more positive energies and expectations for students and their job. There is an intense discussion going around on making teachers role as leadership roles in society, and states are agreed to purify the leadership qualities of teachers that will be a novel reform in the field of teaching. Moreover, it will also create more space for positivity and respect for the teaching profession. It is concluded that some of these issues were also in 2010, which we are still discussing in 2020. It means that we have a long o go in teaching profession. We need to form some tactical solutions to problems which we are fighting for a decade.

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