Teachable Alternatives: Which one is the best in 2022?


With Teachable, you can get from idea to execution relatively rapidly. Until recently, it’s been the ideal option for online course makers beginning or building their first online course.

Building your online course on Teachable doesn’t require special technical expertise or code to have your course materials in place. It offers payment processing you can setup in numerous ways to bundle your courses or offer ongoing access with a membership cost.

The 5 Best Teachable Alternatives

In preparation for this evaluation, we looked into a dozen various platforms that are comparable to Teachable. We have cut it down to six different options after excluding a homegrown online course website or a custom development on WordPress as possibilities.

1. Kajabi

Kajabi is a renowned and intelligent platform for managing paid subscriptions and online courses. Kajabi is the solution if you’re seeking for a Teachable alternative that combines course promotion and delivery in a single online location.

Kajabi is distinguished by its marketing and sales tools. With Kajabi, you have access to potent marketing tools for delivering email campaigns, welcome flows, and weekly updates, among others. They feature specialised landing pages for marketing that allow for the creation of email waitlists or the sale of exclusive “windows” for purchase, as well as checkout and payment options that support many currencies worldwide.

Kajabi is the most costly platform available. Due to its marketing prowess for online courses, the company was able to charge instructors a high price for its platform.

However, Kajabi’s community forum features are relatively limited. It is web-only and lacks the functionality and accessibility of a Mighty Network. Additionally, Kajabi is the online course platform with the most experience on the list. You will pay a minimum of $119 a month, plus the cost of your integrations.

2. Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is a comprehensive platform that integrates online courses, livestreaming, community, and events under your brand.

A Mighty Network is the only option to Teachable where you can receive the entire power of an advanced online course platform and a branded community in one location. In a Mighty Network, you can sell, administer, and charge for your online courses (and/or start paid mastermind groups).

A Mighty Network is a combination of native marketing tools and connectors to optimise your sales funnel. It also provides the greatest number of ways to connect with and communicate with your learners, including interactive polls and questions, rich media articles, private and direct messaging, and online and in-person live events with RSVPs.

With a Mighty Network, you may begin simply and expand to include a variety of online courses, organisations, and other resources. You

3. Thinkific

Thinkific has two features that Teachable lacks. First, it offers more advanced exams with question banks and randomization, as well as surveys you can use to engage with students who are enrolled in your courses. The results of your surveys and course feedback can be incorporated into paid-tier marketing sites, which is a wonderful way to close the loop.

Thinkific additionally provides a tighter connection to your website. Thinkific, like Mighty Networks and Kajabi, will connect back to your website. For a more cohesive brand experience, you may combine your website with your Thinkific online courses with a little technical know-how. This is a little start toward integrating your classes, website, community, and marketing, but it’s still a long way off.

Thinkific has added more marketing-related features and integrations, but has not yet taken any moves to enable genuine community features. If you choose a course-only platform like Thinkific or Teachable, you will not only miss out on native marketing capabilities, but you will also miss out on the chance for like-minded learners to inspire and motivate one another along the road to the finish line.

4. Skillshare

Skillshare is a well-known online platform where individuals can teach and learn new skills. They are a suitable alternative to Teachable because their platform has a similar marketplace ambiance but a friendlier UI.

Skillshare has attracted a variety of content providers to offer courses, which has contributed to the platform’s increasing popularity. This is beneficial for teachers because it implies that they will have access to a wider variety of prospective students compared to other Teachable alternatives.

On Skillshare, creators and entrepreneurs can build and market online courses utilising the platform’s integrated capabilities. Videos are the primary form of material you will produce on Skillshare. The prefabricated aspect of the platform will make it more accessible to those who fear public speaking, but it may also result in less engaging courses.

Marketplace solutions for online courses can be really beneficial; you never know who will discover your course through a keyword search. However, marketplaces can also make it extremely difficult for your work to get recognised because they are so competitive.

5. Udemy

Udemy is another alternative to Teachable that you should consider. Their platform offers over 130,000 courses per month, and they’ve developed software that enables creators and business owners to quickly automate their courses. Because of reason, Udemy has become a popular alternative to Teachable among entrepreneurs and tech professionals.

Udemy is less limited than Teachable regarding the types of content instructors can deliver. They permit video, text, and audio lectures, as well as quizzes, questions, and reviews.

Members are able to download all of the content you publish for usage offline. In addition, Udemy provides creators with basic community-building tools, such as the ability to send a welcome greeting to new students.

Similar to Skillshare, Udemy uses a marketplace solution to host your online courses, which is a disadvantage of the platform. Due to how competitive marketplace environments can be, the degree to which your material is visible may vary.

Consider also that the Udemy mobile app experience is primarily designed for students, not teachers. You won’t be able to edit your course with the Udemy mobile app, so you’ll have to use a computer or mobile web.

Choose The Right Teachable Alternative for You

There are a variety of excellent alternatives to Teachable for managing online courses and memberships. Whether your focus is on certification, a mobile presence, or you’re ready to scale more quickly by putting your courses and community together in one location, you have a number of excellent options.