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Uber has given us an On-Demand platform that can be adjusted for various verticals. Making applications like uber has its very own set of advantages. Uber disrupted the service market on a huge scale and made on-demand service in another trend. The taxi booking application content can be altered to coordinate your necessities in a cost-effective manner. If you are truly considering taxi booking application development, at that point, you should see a few features which drive an effective mobile application for taxi services. Uber has effectively filled some particular needs that were not being met by traditional taxicabs or car services.

Uber and the same services lessen the quantity of alcoholic drivers and discharges into the atmosphere, save your money for driving, give chance to make some additional money as a driver, and, at long last, make the way to your destination extremely agreeable. The on-demand models like Uber, Lyft, and Grab are appropriate for purchasers, yet additionally the employees working in this section. For one, the on-demand section has made a lot of openings for work for the individuals around. Also, in any event 70% of the employees working in this segment are glad and fulfilled, in this way improving consumer loyalty.

Here, we will discuss all the Uber application features you should consolidate in your Uber clone application or we can say a taxi booking application to give an enhancing experience to the end clients. The thought is to make taxi dispatch software simple and tracking functions for the clients.

Features you should know before developing an App like Uber

Book a ride for the present or later

The “book now or later” feature empowers you to book the ride, which is the essential component that your Uber-clone application should join. With the booking feature, the clients can easily get their rides and travel easily starting with one place then onto the next. With the book’s later feature, clients can easily book their rides for a future trip. The “how-to book” is a significant thought while including this feature. You ought to have the accompanying contribution to book the ride

  • Pick-up location
  • Drop-down location
  • The kind of vehicle the client needs to choose
  • The time and date, on account of the book later feature

If a client is going to leave office, home, or going for an appointment and would prefer not to be late, planning a ride or advance booking is the best alternative for them. So, it is the most significant feature of a taxi booking application that taxi new businesses or organizations can think about when building up an application like Uber.

Enable others to follow ride progressively

Safety is the first thing out for any individual, and the riders consistently have a sense of security when they can share their ride details with somebody near them. If you take into consideration the feature in your Uber-clone application, at that point you have prevailed upon your audience’s trust. The thought is to permit another person to watch out for the route taken by the driver, and furthermore let somebody know whether you have arrived at home securely or not. It likewise helps when you are new to a specific city and are unconscious of the route. Sharing the details can likewise assist you with getting a thought of whether the route taken by the driver is correct or not.

Real-time tracking of driver

At the point when clients are in the obscure in regards to their driver, they feel disappointed. This can bring down the client’s satisfaction level and furthermore influence their general experience of going in your taxi. The most ideal approach to manage this situation is to incorporate the real-time tracking feature into your application with the assistance of GPS integration. The feature will empower the clients to follow the driver’s location and what direction he is traveling. If, the driver has not moved from a specific location or, they are taking a long route, the clients can generally call them and direct them to the pick-up location.

Preferred driver

A normal Uber rider who takes the Uber rides for their office goes over a few drivers, and after a point, they start having inclinations dependent on their experience in the drivers. The application ought to likewise enable the clients to pick their favored drivers as that would assist them with being the proprietor of the decision and will give your business an additional benefit. At the point when the client goes to book the ride, consistently inquire as to whether they have a driver inclination. This will speak to them and enable them to browse the past drivers they have had for the ride to the workplace. If the driver is accessible, the application will naturally enable the ride to them.

Various payment alternatives

Not every person is open to paying through money or card for the ride they take. A few riders don’t convey money while a couple of others are careful about sharing their card details in the application. The most ideal approach to make it simple for the riders is to incorporate various payment alternatives and enable the rider to choose from the various choices accessible. If the individual needs to pay to utilize a mobile wallet, at that point you should give them the choice to profit the element. A Uber-clone that you are creating should offer online just as offline payments to the client.

Include numerous drop-off points

Enable the client to choose various drop-off points on your application, in this way making their life simple. At the point when you are reserving your ride, make a point to include the various stops that the driver should make along the route. This can be added to the destination location itself. If your client needs to change the drop-offs during the trip, ensure your application permits the equivalent. The application ought to ascertain the passage as needs be. If you need to part the fare with the companions, try to pick the choice.

Trip history

All things considered, the trip history feature is a significant part of your Uber-clone application. Ensure you store the client’s trip history and make it accessible in their profile. Simultaneously, trip history ought to likewise be a piece of the driver’s application. This will help both look into the trip details as and when required. The driver will have the option to follow their past profit with the outing history.

In-application chat or call choice

There will be times when the client would need to associate with the driver to know their whereabouts or to guide them. now and again, the client would need to visit with the help group. The in-application chat or call include encourages them with these things. In fact, if the driver faces inconvenience finding the location, at that point they can decide or chat with the client and discover the details or get the directions.

Save the destinations

If you will pick similar goals later on, at that point as opposed to typing a similar destination over and over, you should save the destinations. This will assist you with booking your rides and oversee them quicker. Counting this component enhances the general booking experience that your rider gets with the application. You can save the locations by giving them fitting names, for example, home, office, second home and so forth.

Driver review and rating

You become acquainted with increasingly about the individual who is driving you to the destination. For example, the reviews and rating reveal to you a lot about how the driver is, the manner by which they carry on and whether they offer a decent encounter to the riders or not. The clients who have ridden with the driver in the past will share their input, and help you recognize what’s in store. As a feature of your Uber-clone application, this is a significant feature.

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