Where to Go for Unwanted Tattoos Removal in Delhi?

Tattoos Removal

In some people, tattoo fad is catching pace whereas many others are looking for tattoos removal services in Delhi. Career changes, getting bored with existing tattoo and want to have a new tattoo, colour fading, etc., are some of the most common reasons for availing the tattoo removal services. Before discovering the ways of removing a tattoo, let’s take a brief insight into different kinds of tattoos.

There are two types of tattoos:

  • Amateur Tattoo- Tattoos with black ink, easy to remove in a one or two sittings and not deeply penetrated the skin are categorized as an amateur tattoo. The colour of these tattoos fades away with time and is more prone to infections. 
  • Professional Tattoo- Professional tattoos are coloured with multiple inks like red, back, dark green, etc. These tattoos have deeply penetrated the skin and require multiple sittings say seven to eight for complete removal. Though most of the professional tattoos are removable with laser some require surgical intervention as well.

Tattoo Removal Services in Delhi

Both amateur and professional tattoo removal services are available in some of the professional clinics based in Delhi. The colour used in the tattoo and depth of the ink embedded in the skin is two important factors that are considered while removing a tattoo. Some other factors that need equal weight are the age of tattoo, size and part of the body where the tattoo is inked.

Amongst the various non-surgical tattoo removal, Laser technology is rated as one of the most effective, safest and less painful ways of removing any kind of tattoo. 

Laser Tattoo Removal

During the laser procedure, laser light of precise wavelengths passes through the targeted area and break up the ink of the tattoo underneath. This eventually leads to dissolving the ink colour and getting absorbed by the body. To break various colours of the tattoo, varying wavelengths of the laser light are used. With the laser technique, the permanent tattoo is easy to remove painlessly. The total number of sittings required for removing the tattoo is determined by the size as well as the pigment of the tattoo. The permanent tattoo demands multiple sitting at an interval of 7 to 9 weeks. 

Precautions during Tattoo Removal

There are certain post-procedure precautions which patients need to follow. These precautions are:

  • Avoid exposing the treated site direct to the sunlight
  • Keep applying the ice pack to the treated area for a few days
  • Application of antibiotic cream or ointment for preventing the chances of any infection

Possible Side-effects

Though it is a safe procedure, there are chances that some people experience certain side-effects like an infection on the tattoo removal site, hypopigmentation, permanent scarring, possible darkening of cosmetic tattoos, allergy, etc. A person must disclose his medical history with a tattoo removal specialist for getting the best results. Information like skin problems and allergy are important to highlight for undermining the possibility of life-threatening results.

Dermabrasion for Tattoo Removal

Another successful non-surgical way of tattoos removal is Dermabrasion.

Rated as an exfoliation procedure, dermabrasion technique works by removing the top layer of the skin. Surgeons give local anaesthesia to patients to numb the skin. After that, a device known as dermatome is applied on the outer layer of the skin to scrape away the topmost skin layer- dermis. This technique shows good results for a small-sized tattoo but not effective for removing the large tattoos or tattoos having colours like red, black, etc. The redness of the skin and swollen skin are some of the common side-effects of the procedure. If you are planning to opt for dermabrasion for removing a tattoo, it is necessary to plan a visit at a reputed and professional skin clinic in Delhi and seek an initial consultation from a skilled specialist.

Surgical ways of Tattoos Removal

Excision: Excision is an effective procedure for eliminating the small-size tattoos. During the surgical procedure, patients are given local anesthesia and skin is taken away along with tattoo from the dermis. After taking out the inked skin, it is re-joined with the help of staples and stitches. This procedure is highly effective for removing small tattoos but require multiple sittings for complete tattoo removal. The treatment is effective and safe when performed by a licensed and certified tattoo removal specialist. 

Skin Grafting: Get rid of old and large-sized tattoos with the help of skin grafting. It is quicker and less painful ways of removing any kind of tattoo. During the procedure, the tattooed skin is completely taken off and a new layer of the skin is grafted in its place. If it is done unprofessionally, it may leave a permanent scar on the site from where the skin is grafted. 

Tattoos Removal at Clinic Dermatech

The cost of tattoo removal varies in every clinic. Some clinics offer low-grade treatment at inexpensive rates. Thus, it is strictly advice to look for a professional and reputed unwanted tattoo removal clinic in Delhi and verify the credentials of the specialist before undergoing any kind of treatment. 
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