How to Do Tarot Reading for Love

Tarot Reading for Love

Do you have questions related to your love life? Want to know what your partner thinks about you? Want to check compatibility? Will my ex come back? Want to know what your love life will be like? Don’t worry, you have tarot cards.

Tarot cards are a great tool that can help you with your questions related to love. There are some informative tarot spreads that will guide you toward true love, whether you wish to reflect on your present relationship, patch up an old one, or attract a new one. Take a risk, read tarot cards, and give one of these spreads a try if you’re prepared for some heart-stopping discoveries. Before that, let us know what is a tarot spread.

What is a Tarot Spread?

The tarot spread consists of the number of cards you will draw, which is based on the total number of questions you ask. A card is equal to one question.

Less is more; the less, the better, and keep things simple. You’ll receive more messages depending on how many cards you draw, and it takes practice to put everything together into an overall “story.” Now, let us see some spreads for love.

The “Check-In” Spread

At times, all you need is an indicator to confirm that both you and your spouse are doing well. That’s not a bad thing; either things work out well or you can choose a different route. It’s important that you’re using your intuition and establishing a loving desire to consider your relationship. Form an upside-down pyramid using eight cards to determine the stability of your relationship.

Card 1: How do we feel about each other?

Card 2: My true feelings towards my partner?

Card 3: How does being with you make me feel?

Card 4: What makes this relationship the strongest?

Card 5: What is the most significant obstacle we are now facing?

Card 6: How can I help my partner?

Card 7: What do I need from my spouse?

Card 8: What actions can I take to improve our relationship?

The “Compatibility” Spread

Do you want to find out if you two are made for each other? It is possible for two very different individuals to have an enjoyable connection, no matter how simple things are. You can use this tarot layout as a tool to communicate with the cosmos and assess how compatible you and your partner are. Draw seven cards. Arrange the cards into two rows, and place one card at the base to “sum up” your link.

Card 1: Your relationship’s needs and wants.

Card 2: What they want and need from a relationship.

Card 3: The differences between you as two different individuals.

Card 4: The shared interests and ideals between you two.

Card 5: The emotional chemistry between you and your partner.

Card 6: How well you two physically match one other.

Card 7: The general compatibility of your relationship.

The “Temple of Aphrodite” Spread

The deity of love herself would be the ideal person to consult. This is an insightful tarot layout if you really want to understand your own emotions and get inside your lover’s head. Moreover, you’ll have some insightful reflections to think about once you’ve completed reading it. Make a capital “H” out of seven cards to follow Aphrodite’s advice.

Card 1: Your views on your partner.

Card 2: Your partner’s opinion of you.

Card 3: Your feelings about the relationship.

Card 4: How your spouse feels about the partnership.

Card 5: How attracted are you to your partner?

Card 6: the level of attraction your spouse feels for you.

Card 7: Aphrodite’s prediction regarding the direction of your relationship.

The “Big Picture” Spread

This layout will be very straightforward to you when you request the Cosmos to simply provide it to you directly. Further, filter through the noise, take a step back, and examine your entire love history to determine whether you’re completely satisfied. For your relationship, draw three cards and arrange them in a straight line to create the “Spark Notes” version.

Card 1: Your desires.

Card 2: Your partner’s desires.

Card 3: How you two see your future together?

The “Relationship Restoration” Spread

Does your dynamic need a little adjustment? Perhaps a complete reshaping is required. There are several strategies for repairing a relationship, so don’t worry. The layout highlights the healing properties of love and comes with lovely intentions. Moreover, to repair your partnership without focusing on the mistakes you made, draw seven cards and divide them into three rows.

Card 1: What’s my desire?

Card 2: What aspects of my expectations am I not getting?

Card 3: What matters are there that I and my partner disagree on?

Card 4: In our connection, what isn’t being discussed?

Card 5: To maintain harmony, what must I let go of?

Card 6: What is my heart telling me?

Card 7: In order to offer my partner my all, what aspect of myself needs to heal?


Now you do not have to suffer more from confusion and misunderstanding. Just try these spreads and satisfy your love queries.