We all know that every culture has their own table manners and food eating etiquettes and it makes other people feel good that we are following those manners, no matter if we are a tourist too. 

In case you are planning to eat something amazing at a Thai Restaurant in De Buurt then this post is for you. As here we are going to talk about all the table manners and food etiquettes in Thailand. 

Although there are a few common etiquettes such as not talking when the food is in your mouth and more. But here we are going to talk about some of the major etiquettes which are more specific to Thai food. 

Table Manners & Food Etiquette for Thai Restaurants in De buurt: 

It is noticed that Thai people take the cooking and eating habits very seriously but if you are a guest and you made some mistake at the table then they will forgive you, as the people are fun and easy going. 

  • The first table manner which we believe you must not be knowing about is where the head sits. In most of the places the head of the family or a place sits at the top side. While in Thailand the most important person will sit in the middle of the table. In case if you are a guest of that most important person then you will be sitting opposite to that person. 

In case if you are sitting on a bamboo mat then make sure to sit in a way that you are not showing your feet to anyone eating around you. Also if you are visiting a busy hotel to eat on a solo trip then you would be asked to share the table with other groups who are having a party. In that case you don’t need to move into small talk with others if they are having a party. 

  • Here is the second thing you need to keep in mind while having group meals in Thai Restaurants in De Buurt and that is all the group meals are shared. So make sure that you are not having any plans to order your own food. 

Senior ladies of your group or the family will order all the food items that they think fits in the group easily. In case if you have some thoughts about a specific food items which you wanted to try then make sure to ask the person to order your food, in this way they would be able to get an idea. 

  • Whenever you visit a Thai restaurant you will be given a bowl full of rice and another bowl in which you can add soup and all. Once all the food items have arrived on your table then you need to make sure that initially you are taking only two spoonfuls of each food item. 

In this way you would be able to try each and every item that is available on the table. Moreover you would be able to refill any number of times you want. 

This was all about some of the most important table manners and food etiquettes you need to know about in Thailand.

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