T-shirt design trends for 2021 highlight the creative talents and efforts of individuals, communities, and movements globally. These shirts provided people with the opportunity to express themselves in a way that was free and safe. Discover how to incorporate these trends into your next T-shirt design by checking out our top 5 new t-shirt design trends for 2021 below.

1. Handwritten Typography

Make your design stand out with your handwritten fonts. Depending on the mood of the hand-drawn letter form, you can have funky, retro, bold, or delicate styles. If you’re designing a t-shirt, it makes sense to utilize your lettering because it is versatile and individual.

2. Doodle Artwork

Playfulness goes a long way in life, and it also goes a long way in your wardrobe! It does not matter how small or big the shapes are, as long as they are to the point. You can print anything you want on your merchandise once you’ve let your imagination loose!

Look good: You don’t have to make your design perfect. Make your line-work funky and creative by uniquely representing the forms. Editable doodle t-shirt design Pro tip: You should never undo or erase anything while drawing. Check out your creations!

3. Book Designs

Books are an essential part of our culture and our community. With independent bookstores all over the country using this design trend, they were supported during the peak of the COVID-19 closures, allowing them to stay open, pay employees, and be able to serve their communities.

Get the look: Books can add great context to your t-shirt design, whether they’re the main subject or merely a base element. Adding text subtly to your design is another great way to make it stand out.

4. Multi-Colored Words

You can add colorful letters to any text-based design to energize it. A shirt’s mood is set by the color palette used for the letters. Choose a few colors to work with, or make each letter a different shade!

Get the look: Start by designing a text-based layout. To make sure that the colors are legible once the font is bold, use a bold font. After selecting a few colors, design the design using those colors. (10 colors or fewer are the rules for screen printing shirts!) Consider your brand, your intended audience, and the mood of the design when choosing the colors for the shirt.

5.Hand-Drawn Designs

Design artwork that has been hand-drawn always has so much character and value. Drawings with this textured, pencil-like feel will be a popular design trend in the upcoming year. With such clear, detailed lines, you can allow your imagination to run wild.

Get the look: Draw a simple sketch of what you wish to make. You should keep building your drawing until you’re satisfied with it! Do you want it to have a pencil-like feeling? For your drawing, choose a dark grey or black color with thin, textured lines.

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