How To Surprise Your Partner On Andaman Island

travel to andaman island

Andaman has everything a honeymoon couple dreams, starting from pristine nature to unspoiled beaches, turquoise waters to stunning rainforests, and gorgeous corals to ancient tribes. If you are still confused and thinking should I select Andaman for the honeymoon, then you are slightly wrong because the question should be why not?

If you are searching for any Andaman trips from Delhi, you will get an ample number of packages to surprise your partner. In Andaman out of 572 islands, only 36 are open for travellers, Havelock is the most popular island out of them with marvellous beaches and diving options.

You can travel to Andaman Island throughout the year and it remains equally charming, but the best months when you can experience Bioluminescence at Havelock Island is between November to Jan.

With a rich flora and fauna, captivating islands of Andaman and Nicobar is sure to blow your mind away with its serenity and when you are searching the ways to surprise your partner on Andaman Island you will get plenty of reasons.

Book a Beach Resort

If you love to spend some peaceful time in the lap of nature in a location surrounded by beautiful beaches Andman is the best. The beauty of these beaches will definitely surprise your partner leaving them mesmerized and the beach resorts will be an add on.

So, when you are in Havelock nothing can be better than staying at these resorts, it will come out as a decision to be cherished for life and your partner will surely admire your choice. Staying in five-star hotels can be done anywhere, but when it comes to the beach resorts options are few and it can’t get any better than in Andaman.

Soaked by Beeches and Enjoy a Romantic Walk

Very few beeches offer such a breath-taking view along with solitude a honeymoon couple seeks to enjoy their cozy moments. Your love for beaches and craving for some peaceful time with your loved one in an amazing location will be fulfilled here. Spend some time doing nothing, just resting on the beach and admiring the untouched beauty. Take your partner to the lovely, calm beachside hold their hand and walk enjoying the undying beauty of the location. Walking hand in hand with your partner in a wonderful location, a perfect surprise, and a walk to be remembered throughout life.

A Trip to Havelock Island

Don’t forget to keep Havelock Island in the list of surprises you have planned for your better half. It is one of the most beautiful yet quiet beaches of Andaman, where only the waves breaking on the shores can be heard.

Seafood Platter

Home to sea, beaches and lush green forest, you will find quality seafood. Incredible seafood palate will leave your partner mesmerized. Plan an evening at leisure to enjoy some quality time along with lavish seafood platter and a glass of wine.

There are lots of café with good quality of seafood, but Port Blair is the best place where you can choose from Indian, South Indian, Continental, Thai, Israeli or Bengali cuisine. The variety will tempt you and your partner even if you are not a foodie.

Surprise Them with The History Behind the Land

Historically the land was known as Kaala Paani and this jail was used by British to imprison political prisoners. It gives you an amazing feeling of patriotism to look into your non-independence era and this jail is one of the live examples that reminds us of the existence of that era.

You can easily imagine the extremities prisoners went through when they were put behind iron bars in Kaala Paani. It’s a must visit with a historical significance. The light and sound show is an important feature that you can enjoy inside the Jail.

Best Surprise- Bioluminescence at Havelock Island

This will be the best surprise, a rare phenomenon known as Bioluminescence. A magical site that attracts lots of travellers. A miracle that lasts only for 3 hours but with a lifetime of memory. Occurs between Nov to Jan when there is no moonlight.

The water on the beach starts glowing because of the existence of phytoplankton. A perfect romantic night for a couple, you row your boat through the glowing water with an amazing site of tiny stars floating under your feet. Book your kayak tours in advance while planning your Andaman trips from Delhi because the tours are arranged by experts and they are very few in Havelock.

Water sports Activities in Andaman

One of the major reasons that attract tourists, adventure sports. This will come out as the best surprise, even if your partner is not very excited about adventures they will get ample options of water sports to tempt them.

Such as Swimming, snorkeling, banana boat rides, parasailing, scuba diving, underwater walking, jet skiing, etc, which will keep the adventure mode on.

Let them meet the aqua life.

There are many water sports that will take you close to the aqua life, but if you are afraid of divining, Sea Walking is for you. You will get a helmet and transferred in the sea, enjoy the feeling of weightlessness while meeting the coral life. Imagine lovely colourful fishes hovering over your head and moving alongside when you are walking.

It’s truly a heavenly experience to meet a completely different ecosystem. Another way to experience coral reef is through Glass Boat Ride, it’s a boat with glass bottom where you can watch marine life such as fire goby, freckled frogfish and many more mysterious creatures hiding in kaleidoscopic coral reefs.

You will be with trained professionals who will not let you miss any of the important things from marine life.

Photography & Birdwatching

If your partner loves photography and birdwatching, no other place can charm them more than the captivating Andaman. They will be surprised and happy to find so many locations to capture. Andaman Bird Island known as Chidiya Tapu, on the other hand, is a verdant spot with forests, mangroves and numerous species of birds.

You will enjoy the music of constant chirping of birds throughout the day along with experiencing a different type of beautiful birds such as parakeets, eagles, drongos, doves and many more.

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