Cool Sunglasses Trends for Men

sunglasses trends

Selecting good sunglasses can be cumbersome, but there are simple ways to go around shopping the best pair of sunglasses for yourself. You can opt for an all-time favorite pair pf Wayfarer, or you can select from the latest trends according to your face cut, choice of color etc. You just have to learn to make the right choice according to your likes and dislikes so that you can get that look that you long for. A pair of sunglasses is not merely a piece of metal or plastic ornamenting your face, rather it provides protection from harmful UV rays, preventing your face from developing dark circles, crow’s feet. You can get rid of the hangover face in seconds by just adding a new look on your face.

The major styles that are in the talks are listed below which can be purchased from online stores as well but you have to make sure you settle down for the right ones for your face shape. Whatever shape suits you, choose your pair of sunglasses from a wide collection available at Shopee Malaysia and that too at astonishing prices if you use Shopee Voucher Code.

How to Pick the Style?

Firstly, select your face type and then go around shopping for the sunglasses that are the right fit for your face cut. Once done, you should focus on buying the same or else what looks good on you. After all, it’s your looks and you want that appeal!

Sunglasses for A Round Face

Same length and width with overly soft features around the jawline is what we call a round face. What will add shape to your face is a pair of Angular sunglasses. However, if bought in a deep color, it will help your face look slimmer and elongated.

Sunglasses for A Heart-Shaped Face

A receding forehead and a tapered chin are the highlights of a Heart Shaped face. For this face, look for a thin metallic or plastic frame. Dark shades should be avoided and as they will destroy the line of the face. The most suitable design is an aviator and available in numerous colors and materials at Shopee. So, buy your favorite pair of aviators with Shopee Voucher Code to avail big savings.

Sunglasses for An Oval-Shaped Face

One of the most balanced face shapes, if complimented with a square lens would give a great look.  Angular styles are simply a no-go area for oval faces.

Square-Shaped Face

A highlighted jawline and a wide face are defined best when coupled circular shaped lenses. Metal frames are the most appealing and give a softer look. However, black frames can also be added to flatter your style.

Round Sunglasses

If your forehead does not have too many wrinkles and are smooth enough then without doubt these sunglasses will compliment your looks. Round lenses which come with a horizontal bar on the front are an all-rounder for any season.  Round sunglasses come in variant of colors and sizes, and if you are looking for the perfect style to suit your looks, then you should visit Shopee Malaysia with a Shopee Voucher Code to buy these at low prices.

Geometric Sunglasses

Men with round face cuts can hit a jackpot to reveal their looks if they use a well-designed pair of geometric sunglasses. You will add essence to that ocular bone and since these are not very popular and have availability issues as well, not everyone will be wearing them.

Colorful Sunglasses

When you go for sunglasses’ shopping, you should always end up with the ones that are nice to wear. Those who have a trendy and colorful pair of sunglasses, should not worry about being in the limelight wherever they make their presence.

Okay, colored sunglasses may not be the kind of thing you want to have a suit to a summer wedding, but if you are prone to casual dressing such as shorts and tees, they offer an easy way to instantly upgrade your look. You can buy matching shorts, t-shirts, shirts, jeans, jackets and sunglasses under one roof if you have a Shopee Voucher Code, which is the best way to save money and yet create an undeniable look.

Buying sunglasses online

Many stores now have an app for purchasing sunglasses. The app allows you to try the glasses online and see for yourself whether they look good or not. Shopee is one such destination where you can buy your favorite pair of sunglasses whether, colorful, geometric, aviators, or round, you can easily find them here. Moreover, to keep your spirit of buying sunglasses going, Shopee Voucher code will allow you to buy the same sunglasses at discounted prices if availed on checkout.

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