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Immunity is our body’s hero who keeps on fighting the foreign villains to keep our body up and running. But every now and then it fails and we fall sick, but to bring it back stronger than before we need to make sure the food we eat, the nutrition we take in helps our hero to keep fighting the fights. 

Every year as the season changes, the nutrition our body needs changes with it. For example, winters calls for food that could keep our body warm, whereas summers calls for foods with higher hydrating content. These foods are also required to keep away the seasonal illness and sickness. Every season brings their own kind of illness with them such as summers are known for dehydration and heat strokes, whereas winters bring common cold and flu. To keep these away we should make sure our hero is ready to fight them and win the battles every time.  

Although there are many supplements available in the market that boosts our immunity but the best way is to keep it uptight naturally. To keep our immunity in the best form we should make sure we take in all the required nutrition through the food we eat and to do this we should be making sure that we are eating up plenty of seasonal foods. Seasonal foods help us fighting the seasonal bugs that go around. 

As summers are round the corner and heat wave has started to hit most parts of our country, so it’s time that we start preparing our hero. Summer season has its own flavour and these flavour brings in the natural goodness with them. Let’s see take a look at the must have summer foods that are going to help you with your immunity.

Boost your Immunity this Summer with Healthy Diet Tips | Summer

1. Watermelon and Cucumbers 

Watermelon and cucumber are mostly made up of water. They are not only highly hydrating and light on the stomach, but their nutrient content also assists in the strengthening of our immunity. Watermelon and cucumber are also low-calorie, weight-loss-friendly fruits!

2. Curd or Buttermilk 

The gut naturally develops a flora of beneficial bacteria. Aids in the improvement of immunity. Summer cocktails at their best. Make dahi raita or chhaach (salty, flavorful buttermilk). It can be served cold or at room temperature.

3. Mangoes 

Your favourite summer fruit can also help to boost our immune system. Mangoes are high in vitamin A, which is essential for a healthy immune system. Now we have yet another excuse to eat this sweet and tasty fruit all year long.

4. Dry-fruit smoothies 

As a summer beverage, it is nutritious. Soak a few almonds, cashews, figs, and dates individually for 30 minutes in a small amount of water. Blend half a cup of boiled, cooled, and chilled milk to a smooth paste in a blender. Apply a smidgeon of honey to the mix. Blend in the remaining milk (2 cups) until smooth. Serve with a sprinkling of crushed dried fruits on top.

5. Oranges and Lemons 

This vitamin C-rich foods are especially important at this time. They are soothing, hydrating, and cooling, in addition to having a high vitamin C level, which is a healthy immune booster. Oranges can be eaten raw or juiced. Lemon water should be drunk everyday, and lemon juice should be poured on salads and other foods.

6. Mint

Love how mint uplifts our senses with its energizing fragrance and soothing flavour? Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in the herb help to prevent toxic free radicals at bay. Mint water can be drunk on a daily basis, or it can be added to smoothies on a regular basis. You may also render pudina chutney, pudina paratha, or just use fresh pudina leaves to garnish your meals.

7. Chia fresca 

Sounds fancy, right? But chia fresca is just your regular lemonade with chia seeds. This is a great refreshing drink with a boost of energy, especially as a pre-workout replacement. Chia seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, fiber, and vitamins, and the lemon and honey add flavour. 

These foods are infused with summer flavours and lots and lots of goodness of nutrition. But wouldn’t it be better if you could get all this natural goodness in small capsules blasting with the ayurvedic goodness, herb power and are safe and side effects free as well. It would be great, right? Then Arunveda’s immunity boosting capsules are what you’re looking for. They are filled with all the goodness your body’s hero-immunity needs. Buy immunity booster capsules today and have yourself a happy, healthy and refreshing summer time and keep your immune system up and running. 

By Anurag Rathod

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