Tips to Cleverly Strategize Your Study Pattern for Defence Exam Preparation

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Giving a defence examination for a candidate is always an achilles’ heel. Despite following an organized study routine, those 2-3 hours of exam become a daunting task. A majority of candidates succumb to exam pressure. This is due to fear of performance. Without a doubt, the Indian defence forces follow a stiff procedure to select candidates. Instead of feeling weak in the knees, candidates should follow a tough study regime. To join defence forces, you need to ace written exams as well as SSB interviews. So, put in sincere efforts to appear for the exam. 

The defence forces conduct various exams to select capable personnel. Many candidates aim to join these forces after clearing their 12th class. They can achieve their aim by clearing the NDA exam. Cracking the NDA exam without the help of a mentor is a bit hard. So, candidates can choose to join a magnificent institute that is proficient in offering NDA coaching in Chandigarh. However, joining a coaching doesn’t imply you’ll shun self-study. It is mandatory to follow a systematic routine for defence exam preparation. 

Go through these tips to cleverly strategize your study pattern for defence exam preparation:

  1. Adhere To A Time Table

Studying without making a timetable is a vague preparation. It is essential to design a suitable time table. This way you’ll be able to utilize time properly. Moreover, it will reduce your tension and anxiety while preparing for the exam. All you need to do is line up your tasks and perform accordingly. Make exam preparation your priority, cut off every activity that can waste your time. Additionally, give yourself short breaks to rejuvenate your mind. Thus, making a timetable is the primary step for exam preparation.  

  1. Retain Positive Attitude

Preparing for the defence exams involve strenuous efforts. The whole preparation phase is tiring. It’s normal to feel stagnant and lose motivation. However, what’s important is the way you uplift yourself. Always keep your chin up. Staying happy can automatically fill you with energy to study for the defence exams. You can listen to inspiring podcasts or watch a motivational movie to keep your energy levels high. By being positive, you can enhance your focus while preparing for the defence exams. 

  1. Prepare According To Syllabus

The most common mistake candidates make is that they don’t gather complete exam information. Firstly, know the exact exam details. It includes gathering information regarding exam syllabus and pattern. You can easily get it from the official website of exam conducting bodies. Doing this can help you form the best study routine for yourself. Furthermore, you need to collect a relevant set of books. Make sure the study material you are following is according to the latest exam syllabus. Also, avoid hoarding unnecessary books and notes. It will only create pressure on you. So, follow the books that are appropriate. 

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  1. Prepare Notes Of Every Subject

It is advisable to prepare notes of every section of the exam. For subjects like english and general awareness, prepare brief notes of theory. Quants and reasoning sections are practice based. So, try to make short notes on formulas and short tricks. These notes can help you in revision during the last phase of preparation. Moreover, never try to make notes with the help of a digital device. Instead, prepare handwritten notes. 

  1. Never fall prey to distractions

Distractions can take you miles away from your goals. Almost every candidate feels distracted while preparing for the exams. However, your genius lies in how you run away from it. Do you know which is the biggest source of distraction for candidates? It’s their smartphones. Keep your phones switched off when you start studying for the exam. Additionally, you need to refrain from social gatherings during your preparation period. 

  1. Practice more and more

The excellent way to brush up on yourself is by solving enough questions. Well, do you know how it’s possible? Either by solving mock tests or previous year papers. Doing this can help you assess your performance to make improvements. Moreover, it aids in increasing your speed and accuracy of solving questions. Therefore, you’ll be able to solve more questions with less risk of negative marking. Solving mock tests is an excellent technique to simulate exam experience. As a result, you’ll feel more confident to appear for the exam. 

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We all know how tough it is to enter the Indian defence forces. Candidates need to channel through rigid examinations and personal interviews. If you are searching for an ideal way to prepare for defence exams, go through the above mentioned points. Stick to an organized study routine while preparing for the defence exams. Also, keep reminding yourself why you started and what you’ll get after clearing the exams. It will boost you to study effectively for the defence exams.