A guide to becoming a study abroad advisor

study abroad advisor

Spending a term or even year in some other country gives students the chance to acquire linguistic skills, to improve their ability to cope with a range of difficulties, and to understand different cultures. A lot of students register in programs overseas by the university or college they join. Study abroad advisor plan and support these foreign degree courses.

Similarly, there are plenty of study abroad advisors. Maintain a list of international education services, mostly in a metropolitan region. They facilitate enrolment through application to admission, dealing with both outbound and many international students.

Talk about the job role

Talent acquisition tasks that they carry out vary from creating promotional pamphlets and blog material to holding campus-wide educational seminars. In addition to monitoring arrangements with their institution’s foreign partners, study abroad advisor monitor student visa requirements, provide complete guidance, and serve as the primary representative for the institution’s exchange program.

What else do they do?

Besides their primary duties, study abroad advisers stay vigilant of global issues that may impact the welfare and well-being of their students and have contingency plans to respond quickly to any emergencies. They also track educational trends at partner universities to ensure the intellectual integrity of the programs under their duty.

A group of student volunteers can easily be assisted by such advisors to help with the duties of the basic application work and campus activities. Furthermore, the study abroad advisors and in fact everywhere around the globe have the potential to communicate with people of a group of diverse and educational backgrounds. They are down to earth polite and can manage changes quickly. Last but not least, they are satisfied using a range of tech applications, like database management services.

Do you want to become one?

If you are keen on being a study abroad advisor, among the first things to remember is to see how much experience you require. It is believed that almost eighty percent of the advisors hold a bachelor’s degree. And in terms of higher education, twenty percent of study advisors abroad hold graduate degrees.

If you intend to become a reputable advisor, make sure you are qualified enough, and have ample experience. Many foreign study advisor positions require expertise in the field of internships. Other than that, several study abroad advisors even have prior work experience in positions such as sales managers or volunteering.


Bear in mind that as a study consultant overseas, you play a significant part in influencing candidates’ international career objectives. Coming back from a student exchange is a thrilling experience. 

It is a time of students’ development and achievement. It is also an incentive for international consultants to nurture the interest of students in international professions. Students who have been excited about foreign prospects need to consider, plan, and focus. As a career advisor, you need to remind them time and again. And by adopting the strategies of career advisors, you can help people train themselves for their foreign job hunt.

The first step

The very first stage is to guide students to focus on their abilities abroad. After that, they need to find out when and where their goals and talents blend into the corporate world. To support them, connect internationally with work from sites such as LinkedIn, etc.  Outline the qualities that train your students for these occupations. 

Start encouraging them to read more and more about positions that fascinate them. 


Your roles and expertise in this career are focused on your understanding of the particular country where residential, and often foreign, students would like to enroll.

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