Why You Really Need A Student Accommodation in Australia

Accommodation in Australia

Australia enjoys an international reputation for excellence in all areas of education and training. It is among the top 3 in the world to host a huge number of international students. Living expenses and tuition fees costs in Australia are considerably less expensive than the UK and USA. Still, education costs in Australia fall on the expensive side, with just a bachelor’s degree costing around AUD 5000 and cost for postgraduate between AUD 27000 to 37000 annually.

Australia offers more than 22000 courses ( other than Engineering and medical sciences) from 1100 universities.  Sydney, Queen’s land, Adelaide, Brisbane universities are more famous. But Bunbury, Canberra, Darwin, Griffith, Perth, Cairns, Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Lismore, and other universities are also famous among students. Mostly depends on courses offers by universities. 

Living in Australia

To survive in Australia’s high costs of living, reasonable accommodation is a must. Most of the universities provide student accommodation facilities to their students.  On-campus, accommodation can be anything from a block of apartments on the same street as a university building, to room in a residence hall. It cost between 80 to 250 AUD per week. Living in a privately rented share house is the most common housing option for both international and local students not living at home. 

Rental cost varies according to city and property types and area of the property. It costs mostly 80 to 200 AUD per week for a reasonable room. The student also has the option of ‘homestay’ with Australian native,  single or shared. Most of the universities provide information on rental, private student accommodation australia, and homestay, on notice boards or posts on social media profiles ‘Gumtree’ is one of the famous sites among students.

Commute and Transport

The transport option available in Australia includes buses, trains, trams, and ferries. The Australian Capital Territory Government provides transport concessions to international students depending on area and territory and mode of transport. Private taxies and cars are the most costly option for transportation.


As being the world’s eighth-largest immigrant population, Australia caters to many cuisines from the world over. Food in restaurants and eateries comes with a price. Takeaway is also available around universities and popular area.


Overseas Student Health covers are compulsory for an international student, costs will depend on the insurance provider. Utility costs for around 85 square meters of the house are around 200AUD for a month. Internet cost, around 60 to 100 AUD depending on operator and location.


There are beaches, deserts, gazing land and coral reefs, causing the variation in the climate all across the country. The northern section of Australia has more tropical influenced climate and southern parts are cooler. So in northern Australia, lightweight (cotton) clothes, raincoat and warmer (waterproof) clothing with a sweater for the winter months is a must in the wardrobe. While in Southern Australia lightweight waterproof clothing with a sweater for a cool evening.  

Student Destination

Most universities in Australia offer great scholarship schemes and also allow students to work part-time to be able to support themselves. Australia is a highly developed country with the world’s 14th largest economy and 13th highest military expenditure. Australia also has the highest minimum salaries in the world, which provides students ample job opportunities while study and to settle. 

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