How to pick hair color step by step

pick hair color

Hair color used is not a big deal but the main factor is how to pick the right and best hair color for your personality. When you are going to a professional for hair color, you can see that professionals are more possessive for choosing the right one hair color. Professionals will do some necessary task to match hair color that is suitable.

Determine which color is best?

If you want to choose hair color by yourself then you should have these steps to perform for a good hair color experience. These tasks are given step by step. Hopefully, you will get a better understanding by reading this article.

Which type of Look do you want?

The main factor is your desired look. This factor is necessary because this factor leads to the right choice of hair color. If you want to look bold than the color you choose will be different from your natural color and skin tone as well as your makeup tone. 

But if you want a smooth and decent look than you will choose the color that resembles with your natural skin color. The occasion should be in your mind while choosing the color. Always remember the reason for dyeing hair color. 

How much money you can spend on hair color?

After determining the look, Cost is an understandable factor that has its own impact on hair color choices. If you want to dye blonde color to the dark or solid color hair than it will be costly because there are chances that low-quality hair color can damage your hair. For this purpose, you can visit your local hair salon or a meeting with hair professional. 

When you want a permanent hair dye with good quality hair color than it will be costly but if you have an understanding of dyeing than you can buy hair color kits that are moderate in cost. You can choose semi-permanent hair dye if you cannot afford permanent hair color. Hair colour price is very affordable either you are buying online or from the local market.

Choose your hair color type 

Now the hair color type that according to how long you want your hair dye? For an occasion or event, you can choose the temporary hair color. When you are dyeing hairs for a season that will end after some long time, you can choose the semi-permanent hair color.

Some people think that temporary and semi-permanent hair colors are the same because they fade up after some time. But the difference between them is that we can remove temporary hair colors very quickly but semi-permanent takes some time.

Permanents hair dyes are necessary if you are planning to change your hair color for a long time. Keep in mind these colors are not easy to remove so you can try a temporary hair color before dyeing permanent hair color. 

Determine your eyes:

Eyes have great importance in our personality grooming. Eyes color also has an important impact on your hair color. Choose a color that can contrast with your eyes color. Golden color will be perfect if you have blue eyes and red for green colored eyes.

Fix a meeting with professional:

Meeting with a professional will help you a lot to understand your hair nature and color that will be suitable for your personality. His/her experience will help you to get a better hair color experience. Tips from a professional person will also help you to reduce hair damage. If you have damaged or broken hair, you should go for a consultancy with a hair professional. 

Try on a wig:

Before dyeing your hair, try the chosen color on a wig. This will help you understand how will be your look with the chosen color. You can buy a wig from your local market as well as online. You can ask someone like a friend or family member for suggestions by wearing a wig. Those persons will tell you about your actual looking with hair color. 

Last Note:

On the last point, we just want to ask you are you satisfied with these steps? If you know something different that can help to choose a better hair color than share with us. Hair colors with different shades are available in our local market as well as online.

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