From Idea to Launch: A Step-by-Step Guide to Start Your Online Service Business

Multi Service App like Gojek

Starting an online service-based business seems exciting but it can be imitating at times. Many questions arise when thinking about starting an online business. What services to offer? Which technologies to use when developing the mobile app? Who will be the target customer?

It does take time to find answers to these questions and ‘time’ is what you might have to struggle with. It appears that every other week, there is a new online business that trends in the market, raising the bar for entrepreneurs who are still at the ‘ideation’ stage.

Well, this blog will help you think of a breakthrough business idea and to launch it quickly everywhere in the world. So, without overthinking, go through this step-by-step guide.

Develop Mobile App from Scratch or Buy a Pre-built Solution – What’s Best?

Before anything else, you have to think about the online app development approach. Now, there are pros and cons to both approaches but since you are looking for a quick-to-launch solution, opting for a ready-made app makes more sense.

Why choose a ready-made solution instead of building the app from scratch? Well, here’s the comparison:

  • Development time: ready-made apps are quick to launch as everything is ‘pre-integrated’ into the system. Therefore, entrepreneurs only need to white-label the app before launching it.
  • App development cost: cost of white-labeling a mobile application is far low compared to developing everything from scratch, testing it, recorrecting mistakes, etc. Moreover, businesses need not worry about hiring a team, buying an office, and so on.

Say, you are planning to launch a Multi Service App like Gojek. Now, rather than designing, coding, or testing it, you can opt for a ready-made solution, that is, a Gojek Clone app.

With this pre-built app, you can save time and money on developing the mobile app for your multi-service business.

However, even if you decide that you want to opt for a ready-made mobile app, you still need to follow these steps.

Assess Your Business Idea’s Viability

The first step to starting your online business is to assess the viability of the idea. It is important to know whether or not your online service-based business has a market.

Even great business ideas have failed. Therefore, it is best to firmly know if you have hit the solution to solve a genuine problem that people face.

With this thought, start answering these questions after a careful study and analysis of the current market in the region.

  • Does your online business solve a potential problem?
  • Is it a cost-effective business solution?
  • Will people spend money on your mobile app?

Besides, you should also find out who your target market is. Until you clearly know who your target customers are, it will be difficult to determine the viability of your business idea.

Devise the Business Plan

Once you know that your business idea is feasible, you can then start building your business plan.

Even if you don’t have the financial plan laid out yet, it’s okay to plan the important aspects of your business. It is important to have the business plan ready as it acts like a blueprint for your business.

In brief, it helps you to plan out how your business will overcome possible outcomes. Furthermore, using the plan, you will be able to plan out your future and the roadmap to profitability.

Take Care of the Legal Matters

Launching an online business is similar to starting a brick-and-mortar business. You need to go through some legal tasks to start your business.

Some legal things you need to take care of include:

  • Registering the business
  • Obtaining permits and licenses
  • Complete taxation requirements

Since legal policies differ from state to state and the nature of your business, it’s important that you do some thorough research on these requirements.

Or, the best you could do is hire an attorney who helps businesses and startups to launch their operations, legally!

Develop your Mobile App

As you are starting an online service-based business, it is time for you to launch the app. If you are planning to offer multiple services on one app, opt for an app like Gojek.

As the app is ready-made, it is best that you quickly find a white-labeling firm that has already launched multiple apps.

Find a firm that offers affordable mobile apps that are fully functional, feature-rich, and interactive.

You need to consider a lot of things when selecting the white-labeling firm for your project  such as:

  • NDA and privacy policies
  • Lifetime licensed source code
  • Technology stack
  • Delivery time
  • Availability of financial aid

Therefore, it will be best for you to spend some quality time researching the firm and its products before investing in them.

Also, to make sure that you are purchasing the right mobile app, consider taking the demo app trial. Download the iOS and Android apps on your mobile devices and test them. If you feel that the app is right for you, go ahead and purchase it.

Launch the app

Lastly, it is time to go live. Once the app’s development is complete, the app is ready to be launched on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Tell the people that you are launching a new mobile application through social media channels, online ads, email, and so on.

Your hard work begins once you launch the application. However, following these steps will only make your life easier and you will be able to launch an online service-based business quickly.

In Conclusion:

If you are launching a Gojek Clone or a single-purpose app facilitating taxi booking, hiring a handyman, sending parcels, or else, opt only for a pre-built app.

Save more money and time. Develop a multi-service app using this guide and soon, you will be the owner of a successful mobile app business.

Get the pre-built solution today!