A Comprehensive Review Of The Steam Deck Hardware And Features

steam deck hardware

 ‘Now your games are going places.’ The steam deck release has revolutionized the whole gaming experience, which has long been compromised due to minimal ergonomics and mobility. The steam deck Valve fast approached its release date, the 25th of February, ’22. Valve has immensely sped up the production of steam decks long before the launch date, and it has managed to be the most popular PC since its release. 

Let’s head towards discussing the most innovative gaming PC in 20 years. A lot of the secret sauce is the software, but we are yet to place some comments because the steam deck is unarguably performing well among all its counterparts. The steam deck release is pivotal in the gaming industry because it’s all where it’s getting started and flourishing at a great pace.  

Why the Valve Steam Deck is Generating So Much Buzz?

The Steam Deck is a gaming console that combines the features of a desktop computer and a handheld gaming system. The device is capable of running most of the popular games from the Steam store.

  1. Powerful Hardware: 

The Valve steam deck features a custom AMD APU with a quad-core Zen 2 CPU and an RDNA 2 GPU, which promises to deliver console-level gaming performance on the go.

  1. Portable Design: 

The steam deck is designed to be portable, with a built-in 7-inch touch screen and a compact form factor that is easy to carry around.

  1. Compatibility with the Steam Library: 

The steam deck is fully compatible with the entire Steam library of games, giving players access to thousands of titles from the get-go.

  1. Controls and Input Options: 

It features a full set of controls, including thumbsticks, a D-pad, and buttons, as well as a touch screen and gyro controls, providing a wide range of input options for gamers.

  1. Potential for Modding and Customization:

 The steam deck is a PC at its core, which means it could potentially be modded and customized to suit individual needs and preferences.

The Valve’s Handheld Gaming Device is Second To None

Valve has claimed that the steam deck is capable of delivering smooth gaming performance for a wide range of games, including many AAA titles. Here are some of the key factors that contribute to the Steam Deck’s gaming performance: 

  1. Custom AMD APU: 

The steam deck is powered by a custom AMD APU that combines a quad-core Zen 2 CPU with an RDNA 2 GPU, which provides plenty of processing power for demanding games. 

  1. Display Resolution: 

The steam deck has a 7-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels, which is lower than many gaming laptops and desktops. This lower resolution can help to improve gaming performance by reducing the amount of processing power required to render graphics. 

  1. SteamOS 3.0: 

The steam deck runs on SteamOS 3.0, which is based on Linux. This operating system is optimized for gaming and provides a streamlined interface that allows you to quickly launch and play your games. 

  1. Proton Compatibility: 

Proton is a compatibility layer that allows many Windows games to run on Linux. The Steam Deck comes with Proton pre-installed, which means that many Windows games should be playable on the Steam Deck without requiring any additional configuration. 

  1. Controls: 

The steam deck has a built-in controller with two thumbsticks, a D-pad, ABXY buttons, and more, which provides a familiar and intuitive way to control your games. There are also touchpads on either side of the controller, which can be used for things like mouse control in games. 

Overall, while the steam deck may not be as powerful as a high-end gaming PC, it should be capable of delivering a solid gaming experience for a wide range of games, especially when played at the device’s native display resolution.

An Additional Feature That Deserves Your Attention 

The console is contained in the steam deck

hardware. It can dual boot to run two operating systems at the same time, and it can run any OS you want, including Windows 11 and Linux.

The portable PC from Valve will be able to run the latest games. If you prefer, you can install games from other stores and run non-Steam games via Proton. Not every game that uses anti-cheat software is compatible because the handheld PC is Linux-based.

Wrapping Up 

Steam deck is gaining immense popularity among gamers and has been really successful at generating huge sales for the makers. Access to this handheld device is no less than a fortune to gamers who have been collecting games for years. The processor, graphics, and controls make it an overall hit for the great gaming experience. 

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