Why Startups Desire AI-based Mobile Applications to Automate their Business?

As we all know, living without mobile phones is impossible in this competitive era. Nowadays, the expectations of the user have climbed the ladder with the advancement in technologies. The next big thing is gonna be the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in mobile applications. 

Mobile applications with Artificial Intelligence help in providing easy usage, faster loading time, ability to complete a specific task within a short interval of time. If you are planning to build a mobile application with AI, it is most important to get your grounds to be covered with the basics of AI and its benefits. 

Throughout this post, I’m going to explain in detail about AI and how implementing AI in mobile applications benefits and transforms your business.

A short introduction to AI

AI is defined as the theory of computer technology that involves advanced tasks that are capable of humans. Activities of AI, including decision making, planning, problem-solving, translating languages, and so on. It also has the ability to solve problems better than humans.

Real-time examples of AI

  • Siri
  • Cortana
  • Google assistant
  • Ridesharing apps like Uber, Lyft
  • Amazon
  • Netflix 
  • Pandora 

It helps mobile apps stand out from the crowd and make mobile apps more intuitive. Mobile app developers are eager to choose AI for their mobile applications to make mobile apps work better. 

Why do startups choose AI-based mobile applications to transform their business? 

Nowadays, Artificial intelligence has become the most important part of the growth in today’s online business. According to statistics, the worldwide worth of AI is going to reach nearly $89 billion. When it comes to increasing better user experience and business growth, AI becomes more useful.

Benefits of choosing AI for mobile applications

  • Boost personalized experience 
  • Increase customer retention rate
  • Helps to adopt automated reasoning
  • Enhanced real-time authentication
  • Helps in real-time translation
  • Helps increase profits 

Let us get started to know in detail, 

Boosts personalized user experience

Every customer’s expectation is that their mobile apps should be personalized and should deliver a unique experience by providing easy accessibility, easy use, or with some other features to keep them more engaged and interested.

This is possible with the inclusion of artificial intelligence in mobile applications. It also allows users to highlight app features based on easy accessibility and use. Google lens and Spotify are the best examples that show how AI will make daily work easier and helps enhance the overall user experience.

Increase customer retention rate

Adopting artificial intelligence in mobile applications for business helps to know the needs and expectations of the customer and deliver according to customer desire. 

By offering the better-personalized user experience, it allows the user to stay longer, and also boosts the customer retention rate that is essential for the success of every mobile application. By boosting customer retention rate, it helps increase the sales and profit too.

Adopting automated reasoning 

To increase the productivity of mobile applications, it is important to add automated reasoning in mobile apps that help in solving the problems within a couple of minutes. 

Here comes the real-time example of Uber,

Uber implemented automated reasoning to find the shortest route to reach the destination much faster. 

Let us start to know how it works. 

It collects all the data of the drivers who have traveled similar routes and helps provide the shortest routes. 

Next comes the real-time example of Amazon. Amazon is the leader in using artificial intelligence. Integrating artificial intelligence in mobile applications helps provide better outcomes and we can see how AI is transforming the way we interact.

Enhanced real-time authentication

Security has become the most important concern in today’s world. As the usage of smartphones has been increased, there is a need for an advanced level of security. 

With the help of artificial intelligence adopted with machine learning and deep learning algorithms, it provides authentication and allows users to experience safe and secure apps with a smooth experience. 

It also provides alerts regarding the possible threats to the users. AI  can also add a level of augmentation of biometric authentication that makes the mobile applications a hacker-proof. The most important benefit of AI is that they can alert users in real-time.

Real-time translation

There are so many translation apps that help in translating the languages. But most of the applications do not work properly without the usage of the internet. 

With the adoption of AI in mobile applications, it automatically translates the languages according to your preferred languages in real-time. It provides a simultaneous translation tool that helps in translating the languages without a time lag. It also helps in better translation and provides a smoother experience. 

Boost profits 

When it comes to mobile applications, it is important to have an offer, discounts, that attracts the customers. By adopting AI in mobile apps, it helps analyze the customer’s history, including the purchase and ride history. 

Therefore, Predictive pattern reading AI helps in attracting more customers, thus in turn helps the business to make high profits.

Wrapping up 

As we came to conclude that AI is the future of mobile app development and has the ability to provide loads of innovation in the mobile app industry. It also changes the way of interaction with products and services and delivers personalized user experience. 

The smartphone industry is being revolutionized by AI and it is most important to enable AI in your business and mobile applications to increase revenue and also user experience. 

It’s your time to take your business and development process of mobile applications to the next level with the help of AI and also makes you stand out from the crowd. 

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