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We all know that the web hosting service industry is growing day by day. With more needs for web hosting services and hosting multiple websites, the need for hosting providers has also increased. So it looks like a good idea to expand your business by offering web hosting services. Although some might have some doubts over how to start a web hosting business with dedicated servers. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can start your web hosting business with a Dedicated Server in Japan

Key Points to Consider Before Starting 

Here are a few things that you need to know before you start your Web Hosting Business with Dedicated Server Japan. They are as following: 

1. Every reseller hosting service is created differently from others. So you have to choose the right reseller hosting service provider which would meet your needs and provide you the best offers. 

2. Your provider should allow the white-labeled plans so that your customers won’t know it’s a reseller hosting service. 

3. You should get customer and technical support for your client with the web hosting company. This is, of course, in case you don’t have your technical support to offer your clients. 

4. Decide on the charges for your plans. 

Easy Steps to Start Your Hosting Business with Dedicated Server in Japan

Starting your own web hosting business with a Japan Dedicated Server is not a task that would be easy. There are a few things that can help you start the business efficiently. These are the following 5 steps that would help you start your Hosting Business with Dedicated Server in Japan. 

Specify Your Hosting Brand 

The very first step to start your web hosting service would be to specify your hosting brand. Many industries look for a niche web host that is tailored directly for them. This is why you need to specify your hosting brand. There are many options for niche web hosting, including green energy web hosts, small business hosting, DDOS Protected Server, and many more. 

You need to give a reason to your clients and potential customers to choose your brand. This means your brand should be better than others. 

Find A Dedicated Server Provider 

To start your web hosting business with a Dedicated Server in Japan, you need to find a Dedicated server provider. There are many dedicated server providers but very few provide reliable hosting services and one of them is Serverwala who offer you the best services at an affordable price. What you need to look for in your dedicated server provider is great value for the price, 24/7 support, a good reputation and good reviews, premium network providers, protection from DDOS attacks, and so on. Serverwala meets all the aforementioned features, so a Dedicated Server Japan like this should be your top choice. 

Set up your Website, Invoice Generation, and Customer Support

The next step would be to set up your website as the face of your business, so more and more people know about your services and web hosting business. Apart from this, an Invoice Generation should also be created to handle the billings and other things. Lastly, customer support is the most crucial service that you need to provide to your clients. Your clients should be able to get customer support 24/7 so they can rely on your service. You can either get it from the dedicated hosting provider or you can have your own customer support team. 

Find Your Customers

Now that you have your dedicated server provider, a website, and overall a business to run, you would need the customers! Spread the word that you are open for business and are looking for customers. This can happen on a small scale at first. Ask your friends and family to spread the word about your business. Apart from this, your business website should be well organized and have all the information that a customer would want to know.  Provide the services with a happy attitude and make sure your clients are satisfied with your services. You can also take the help of affiliate marketing on platforms like Facebook and Google. Advertise for your business on the local TV channels and newspapers as well. 

Grow Your Business 

Now that you have a few customers and clients, you surely don’t want to stop there. The goal is to grow and expand your business with each passing day. Never miss an opportunity to promote your business and find new clients. Make sure you have the tailored plans and packages for different clients to meet their needs. Good customer support would be the backbone of your business so always keep working on that. Always look for opportunities and never settle for less. You need to be always honest about your business and what you can offer. Building trust among the clients and potential clients should be your priority if you want to grow your business.


Here we have listed everything you want to know about starting a web hosting business with a Dedicated Server in Japan. Finding a good dedicated server, like Serverwala, should be your priority, and make sure you do everything right even when it’s hard at first. It can be a good business opportunity for you as well as your clients, so you can go ahead with your business with Dedicated Server Japan! Starting a web hosting business may seem like hard work at first, but would be rewarding in the end. 

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