Can I start my own Business like Gojek?

business like Gojek

Gojek is a unique mobile application that caters to just about any requirement that we may have. Need food delivered, need a ride, need to make a phone recharge, you can use the Gojek app for that as well. This quite literally means that the business enterprise of Gojek has all its fingers dunked in each and every kind of service based business like Gojek in its particular are. What is interesting is that the Gojek app was a starter just as a digital means of booking bike taxis.

Indonesia was famous for its bike taxis or two-wheeler taxis. Here, it was easier for people to commute on bikes rather than cars. The economic, as well as the geographic situation of the country, promoted swift smaller vehicles than big bulky cars.

Gojek clone

This is why “Ojeks” have been used in the area for a very long time. However, because people would wait endlessly at one place to find a ride or to look for a job for a ride. There was a lot of business that people were missing out on because of this unorganized approach.

Gojek came into the market and changed everything. Now, the app would be able to show the people exactly where their rides were and where the requests were coming from. Now people did not actually have to be physically standing right in front of their riders to get the job.


But Gojek, just like any other business, did not stop there. It continued its innovation and made use of its basic application for the expansion and development of the business into different verticals. So, what was just taxi booking, is now an application that can cater to deliveries, money and other services.

The basic way Gojek makes money is by getting a commission each time the application is used to hire any service. By having their fingers dipped in all kinds of services, Gojek definitely gets more money than they ever thought was possible with the application.

A Place With Higher Demands

According to the studies and the surveys, it is been found that Gojek is a powerful package of the services that were actually the need for the people of Jakarta. The place with low budget people actually required the services that made their lives easier in various conditions. Well, Uber was a kind of service to which people in Jakarta were rarely used as the trip fare was very high. Even the surge price broke many people’s dream of commuting through online booked taxi. Gojek’s services are user-friendly for the local people and are affordable in comparison with other taxi services. Even the local people are now facing no problem in paying a trip fare. Because, Gojek offers payment through credit card, debit card, and even direct cash. Now, this is what a GoJek thing.

Focusing the Existing Demands As well as the User Experience

Gojek directly focused on the problems as well as the demands of the people in Indonesia. Till the time, they even focused on their bike taxi service called Ojek that was impeccably running perfectly. People were happy to see the transparency between the consumers and the company. They allow riders to directly contact the drivers.

Gojek drivers are more trustable as they are licensed drivers and their rides are registered too. All are GPS enable vehicles and equipped with many other safety guards that keep the rider safe and secure. It normal to hear that taxi services are now safe and secure but it’s rare to hear that taxi service are hygienic. Yes, Gojek offers their hygienic cab services including face mask and shower cap for the riders. The equipment that is used in hospitals to keep all the people free from germs and bacteria. The overall user experience of GoJek is just amazing and that is why people love Gojek more than the other on-demand Service Company.

Gojek: The All Rounder

GoJek is not just a ride sharing, hailing or booking Service Company, their drivers are amazing staff. They are the drivers, the courier deliverer as well as the food delivery person too at the same time. An on demand service companies should have staff members like GoJek that are flexible according to the work. That is why GoJek is ruling in Southeast Asia.

Starting Your Own Business Like Gojek

Because the need for services in the market is so great, there can never be saturation in a business that is based on providing services. Service providers are always looking for jobs and users are looking to complete things.

What’s more just because a service provider already uses the Gojek application to look for jobs. It doesn’t mean that he or she will not register or use another app. For example, taxi drivers register into multiple apps like Uber, Lyft etc. And go to the job that they get from both these apps.

It just increases their chances for finding a job by capitalizing on the user base. This is why when there is an app like Gojek too in the market. People would still want to use other apps to ensure that they can actually get all the jobs that are being requested by users of all sorts of applications.

In order to be sure that you can capitalize on the users of the entire market. You should start your own business like Gojek using an app. You can easily purchase Gojek clone application from the market. And make sure that you are next business mammoth in this world.

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