How do I speed up the speed of my HP laptop?

hp laptop speed

Your HP drinking computer is running so slowly that it’s hopeless. You only have one desire: throw it away for scrap and buy a brand new one. Before disposing of your equipment, be aware that it is possible to accelerate its speed. The solution to your problem is probably among the tips below.

Install powerful antivirus software

Malware and spyware may be causing your computer to crash. In order to remove these harmful items and prevent their future entry into your system, you will need anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

This type of software will allow you to remove malicious elements introduced due to pop-up ads that open automatically when you surf the Internet. You will also be protected against spies who hack your data. Rest assured to have up-to-date software for more efficiency.

Using the task manager

This tip is valid if your device has the Windows 10 operating system. The “Task Manager” allows you to get an overview of the various tasks performed on your computer, the performance status of the latter, etc.

It allows you to stop unnecessary programs, control data traffic or manage the use of the device memory. These are elements that could boost the operation of the machine.

Get rid of unnecessary

There are many files and other unnecessary items on your laptop without you being aware of them. Take an inventory of your software and uninstall the ones you don’t use or use very rarely. They just clutter up your device.

Delete obsolete junk files. These are in particular the .tmp format files that you can find anywhere on your hard drive. You can help CCleaner to boost cleaning. Also delete cookies from your internet browsers. And of course, send your unnecessary files to the trash, and don’t forget to empty the trash.


An alternative to the traditional hard drive, the SSD or Solid-State Drive is made from electronic components. It works much like RAM get the best rams after reading buying guide from, with the difference that unlike RAM, which erases data when the device turns off, it keeps it as in the process of a USB key.

It also consumes less and increases the autonomy of your device. But still, it releases less heat, which helps maintain the performance of your HP.

In addition to these tips, take a moment to clean up the dust in your HP. Dirt can also cause slowness. Thanks to these techniques, you can now work peacefully, without wasting your precious time.

Be aware that if you have decided to buy a used laptop, it may be necessary to do a major cleaning. Unless you have decided to get it from our online store of refurbished products. The laptops that we offer are audited, tested and put back in perfect working condition before marketing.

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