Things to remember when solving sample papers

cbse sample papers

Solving sample paper is a vital tool in the hands of every student. It boosts your confidence, brushes up on your knowledge; gives an insight into your strengths and weaknesses. Though solving sample papers has its benefits, students must keep a few things in mind while solving these sample question papers.

1.Make sure to consult your teachers:

There is a huge availability of sample question papers both online and offline. It is often seen that these sample question papers found anywhere be it online or offline, have a lot of errors and printing mistakes. Sometimes you might even find wrong answers given. Even if the chances of these happening are less, one must always be careful. As they say, prevention is better than cure. So to be safe, before consulting these CBSE sample papers on Vedantu make sure to consult with your teachers about the legitimacy of the solutions given.

2.Start preparing much before attempting to solve sample papers:

You cannot answer any question without any prior preparation. So, before attempting to solve sample papers, first, get your topics clear. Start studying way before solving these sample papers. You can solve these papers chapter wise or even after finishing the whole syllabus. Whatever you are going for, studying first should be the main agenda. First gain your knowledge, then brush up on the acquired knowledge and then start exercising that knowledge.

3.Time management is an essential point:

Every sample paper is prepared for the actual model of the final exam. So, like the main exam, every sample paper has a specific time allotted for the students to finish writing the answers to the questions. Thus, while solving sample papers, make sure to finish the whole paper within the given time period. It will help you in increasing your writing speed for the main exam.

4.Exercising the topics you are weak in can be beneficial:

Students generally have a tendency to avoid harder topics. But that should not be done. No one can excel in every topic, but one must try to better themselves. While solving sample papers, you can choose to pick out questions from the topics you are weak in, make a note of them and then start preparing for those questions and topics. This trick of picking out specific questions will help you in understanding what type of questions you should stress on while preparing for the topics you are weak in. This way, you can better yourself in an efficient way.

5.Prepare a study plan:

Make sure to prepare a study plan before starting to solve sample papers. If you have a study plan ready, you will have a clear idea of what parts are left to cover, and what parts will require fewer efforts. Then, accordingly, you can start solving these sample question papers. Accordingly, you can start solving these sample papers part by part in the initial stages. Then you can move on to solving these sample question papers as a whole.

6.Try to avoid consulting the solutions at first:

As most of the sample papers come with solutions attached to them, students tend to consult those answers even before attempting to answer the questions on their own. Try to avoid practicing this habit. Make sure to start solving these sample papers initially without consulting the solutions. This will help you in scoring yourself better and the assessment of your knowledge base and the gap will be unbiased.

7.You can prepare notes based on the questions repeated in every sample paper:

While solving these sample papers, you will come across many questions that are repeated in almost every one of them. You should take note of these questions. This will give you an idea of the pattern of questions asked. You can then prepare accordingly, giving a little bit of more stress on the repetitive questions.

8.Planning Group studies can be helpful:

It is not possible for one person to know everything. Knowledge is divided very unequally. As for students, different students refer to different notes and guide books. Some of them might have more diverse information and some might have very precise information. Try to make a group study plan. As you and your friends sit together to solve these sample papers, you people will be able to find more information from each other. Consulting each other in the group, while solving these sample papers, can prove to be a very effective tool while preparing for your final exam.

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