There are a few tricks that can make your cleaning more successful, though: Vacuum your sofa before you start to steam clean.

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Upholstery cleaning is always a delicate task, because if you do not choose the procedures correctly, you can ruin the upholstery as well as wear out uselessly.

Therefore, in ECO FMS as experts in professional cleaning services we have created this post, where we provide some cleaning tips and tricks,  which you should know when cleaning your upholstery .

Cleaning of removable sofas and armchairs

Currently manufacturers are very aware of the problem of cleaning sofas, armchairs and chairs, so they usually include many removable parts.

If this is your case, after deep vacuuming:

  • Before starting to clean the upholstery, look for the zippers to disassemble and unsheathe all the pieces that allow it, moving aside, and then inserting into the washing machine.
  • Now you can thoroughly vacuum the entire base of the sofa or armchair, working the corners and folds well with the most suitable accessory adapted to the mouthpiece.
  • Turn the piece over to vacuum the bottom and get the dust more completely
  • Then to clean the upholstery of all the covers removed, insert them in the washing machine, and with soap for delicate clothes and cold program, put these pieces to wash.

Do not use softener, or a very strong spin, and once the program is finished let it dry naturally in the shade, without using tweezers so that there are no marks left.

  • To get a deep cleaning of the bases and backs of your sofas, wing chairs or chairs, you can use a mixture of scented ammonia dissolved in water that you must spread with the help of a brush.
  • To clean the non-removable upholstered areas, it is best that you use the sponge that usually accompanies active foam products for application, thus extending the product over all the buried areas, and allowing it to act until it reduces.
  • To complete the upholstery cleaning successfully, you must remove all the remains with a slightly damp cloth that must be rinsed in clean water as many times as necessary until the dirt is completely removed.
  • Finally let dry with natural ventilation.

Cleaning of non-removable sofas

When cleaning the typical sofa and armchair of all life, of those that you can not disassemble to work some pieces separately, the first thing is always to make a deep vacuum reaching the most difficult areas with the help of accessories attachable to the nozzle.

The subsequent cleaning procedure will depend a lot on the type of fabric with which your armchair or sofa is upholstered.

  1. If your upholstery is synthetic, (this includes all kinds of imitations of leather, suede, velvet, smooth corduroy, etc …), there is no problem when cleaning, moistening with soapy water to leave the upholstery as new, although yes we recommend using neutral soaps and sponge for smooth surface fabrics such as synthetic leather, and brush type accessories to better access between the fibers when cleaning fabrics such as synthetic velvet. In fabrics such as chenillas, or wool, you can also use a bowl with water and a stream of ammonia, to clean upholstery. Another valid option is also to use dry foam to do a wet cleaning of the entire piece.
  2. Before spreading any product over the entire surface, it is necessary to attack the concrete stains, working on time each one of them with the same product that you use for the rest.
  3. Once you have deleted the specific spots, extends past chosen product in helping with the appropriate accessory, and left to act if the time going to use e s puma active to.
  4. In many cases after cleaning with products, it is advisable to remove the remains of dirt and cleaning agent used, with the help of a cloth moistened in water and well drained, making consecutive passes from one end of the piece to the other, and rinsing the cloth so many times as necessary with clean water until completely finished.
  5. Always let clean upholstery dry naturally with adequate ventilation.
  6. When you have to clean unique pieces or exclusive design, or even, if you do not have much security about how to remove stains and clean your sofa, or chairs, the most sensible thing is always to leave it in the hands of experts in tissue cleaning, and upholstery.

Clean upholstered fixed some tricks and tips you should know when cleaning upholstery

  • To avoid problems when cleaning upholstery, try to vacuum every two days or at least weekly, depending on the use, thus preventing dust from penetrating deeper into the tissues.
  • You have to clean upholstery stains at the time they occur, because when they dry out they are much more resistant.
  • Use paper towels to absorb oil and grease stains, and then immediately spread talcum powder or a grease remover spray, which you can vacuum once the product has dried completely.
  • The mud spots disappear easily if you let them dry and then rub with a brush or pass the vacuum cleaner. Do not try to remove them wetting, because they will penetrate more into the tissue.
  • To clean the vomit stains on your sofa or chair, you first have to remove all solid remains, and immediately then clean with water and neutral soap, then rinse and spread salt or bicarbonate to neutralize the acids that can attack the color of the tissues. Finally, vacuum to collect the remains of dirt.
  • It is quite difficult to clean blood stains embedded in any fabric, whether or not upholstery, but at the time of trying try always using warm water and help yourself with a nail brush to work on the stain without spreading more, then add a fine salt making a paste, and continue rubbing with the brush, rinse as many times as you need, and luck.
  • And do not forget that to perform upholstery cleaning with guaranteed success, it is best to resort to a professional cleaning service .

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