6 Best Social Media Marketing Trends for 2020

social media marketing trends

Social media is an ever-evolving and everchanging prospect. It makes headway as one of the most powerful channels in modern marketing.

There is a gigantic expansion in the role and relevance of social media in the last decade. Additionally a new era of digital marketing has opened up with the year 2020.

With ever changing social media new platforms come to appear and habits change. This plays an important role on how individuals use and react to social media. Also this is a plus point for the marketers to reach their audience.

Prevention of spreading false information and users’ privacy has proved to be a great turning point of this trend. Thus it is crucial to keep yourself updated with the recent trends and updates going on in the current era.

Why Social Media Marketing Is More Important Than Ever After Lockdown

We have come along the half year of the 21 century’s second decade. Unfortunately, this year did not happen to the way it was hoped for. However there is always a hope for something good to happen.

The COVID-19 pandemic situation leads to many challenges for all. There is always a need to find innovative solutions in all the areas of work. While it was offices or local stores, everything was forced to put a lock. However as it is said the show must go on, and the show continued.

Throughout the time of pandemic digital media have helped a lot in turning your business online without any hassle. Features like Shoppable Instagram posts have helped the small businesses a lot in these tough times to keep afloat.

By investing in a low budget social media marketing plan you can save your business from situations like lockdown.

6 Vital Social Media Marketing Trends For 2020

UGC will turn out to be increasingly predominant

Rise of User-generated content aka UGC is one of the most essential social media marketing trends for 2020. It relies on what people talk about your brand and slightly differs from influencer marketing.

GoPro is an excellent example of using user-generated content to market their business. Now you may be wondering what they do? For creating exciting and captivating content the consumer makes use of their products and services. GoPro regularly posts this content on their social media profiles be it Instagram, Facebook, and especially YouTube.

UGC being the authentic and realistic content from a brand’s customers, is most reliable, credible, and trustworthy content to use in marketing and leverage its benefits to build brand trust & revenue.

Dominance of Short Video Content On Social

Short video content is the future of social media and already dominating the sphere. According to a report from Hubspot, video is now used as the new marketing tool by 85% of the businesses.

For example, Tik Tok’s short videos have a huge engagement and following where users have to spend less time per content piece and they can explore more content diversity. Instagram has also acknowledged the importance of short videos by releasing Instagram reels.

Brands that are sidelining video content is committing a huge mistake. As a result it will become more complicated for them to catch up with their competitors in near future. As marketing using short video content gains more engagement, impactful advertising, and higher click-through rate.

Rolling out with Personalization feature

Every user wants to see messages that directly address their needs. Social media platforms have done a good job in this direction. With it’s help brands get the necessary tools to create personalized campaigns.

Many social media networks such as Facebook have rolled out new personalization features for better client targeting. With Facebook dynamic ads you can personalize the ad format based on each user data of interactions with ads.

Personalization helps in targeting the right audience with favorable interests along with  lesser investments that helps the brands to generate more useful leads and audience also feels gratified and rewarded, which is extremely important.

Social Commerce Will Turn Social Into sales

2020 is the time when merging of social media and e-commerce will go mainstream. This social ecommerce strategy will have Gen Z invest up to 3x more time shopping on social media than an average consumer.

Social commerce is the perfect integration of social media content with ecommerce possibilities by making the social content shoppable for users. This allows users to not just explore and browse products but even buy products through content.

Through shoppable posts, customers hold good choices to buy items without leaving the social platform. This tremendous step offers Internet buyers to undergo superb client experience.

Augmented Reality (AR) Will Go Popular

AR is apparently the most energizing trend when it comes to futuristic technology in marketing. By 2022, the augmented and virtual reality market is expected to reach a market size of approx $200 billion. Some of the best known and familiar examples of AR in everyday use is Pokemon Go and Snapchat filters and lenses.

For diverse marketers, AR is opening doors for vast opportunities with better capabilities. Thus marketers can make headway for this channel in 2020.

Micro-Influencer Marketing Is Occupying Social Media

Micro Influencers are bringing a great difference in social media and digital marketing. It is not only about online influencers with thousands of followers, however about great recognition.

Influencers create a lot of difference in affecting the purchasing decision of the consumers. Apart from it, influencers can constitute reviews, recommendations of a product and those as well who have great audiences.

Summing up

You need to keep up with changes that are happening in different areas of marketing and digital marketing. Thus the above listed social media marketing trends 2020 will keep you updated across various channels.

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