Snir Moshe Hananya : Do You Really Need to Be On Social Media? Find Out Why!

Snir Moshe Hananya

There are many reasons to be on social media as a business today. Surely, you must have seen thousands of adverts on the internet, right? Well, what do those adverts represent besides being fun and engaging for millions of social media users? Social media adverts are a form of marketing that many brands and businesses use to engage with millions of active users regularly. Finding the right type f target audience and exposing your brand to them can help you generate more sales revenue by acquiring new customers. Social media is a huge part of the internet, says Snir Moshe Hananya.

And as an individual or a business, you must already know why it’s so important to have an official website. So, what’re the many reasons behind having social media presence for your business on some of the most popular platforms?

Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media

To kick off the discussion about the reasons for being on social media, you must know that it’s a form of marketing for your business. Social media websites are digital platforms and stages for you to market your products, services, brands, and business. You can learn more about the need for social media for your business in 2022.

Snir Moshe Hananya

Greater Brand Awareness

Snir Moshe Hananya says that your business requires effective exposure to existing and potential customers. Millions of users actively surf through multiple social media platforms regularly. Hence, if customers don’t know what your business is about, you can effectively use your social media presence to showcase your business and brand. Social media boosts your profile on the internet and highlights the products/services across potential customers so they know more about your company. Getting more visibility can help your business close more sales and gather a larger customer base.

Friendly-Tone and Engagement

Social media platforms aren’t just there to share information about your company, brand, and business. They help communicate with your existing and potential customers. For one, no social media user likes a business/brand profile that only posts dry and corporate-style content on the platform. People want engagement and fun content on social media. They like a brand profile that shares intuitive and enticing content to spark excitement in the hearts and minds of customers.

As a unique brand and business, you can use your social media presence to answer queries and communicate with your customers. You can employ the most creative personnel on your social media profiles to share enticing and creative content. You can let your business culture and style shine through your social media posts. Through your social media posts and profile, communicating with customers will let you know that your brand is an alive and authentic one.

Easier Customer Service

This is something that most companies and brands overlook. For example, when considering the importance of timely and responsive customer support, companies assume that they have to employ more customer service personnel in the company. While that’s a positive approach to making sure that your customers are answered, you can keep it more cost-effective. By going for social media, you can track likes, comments, and reposts on the web.

You can listen to the queries of customers through comments and be faster with responses. Snir Moshe Hananya shares that when customers and potential ones at that, have a question or a query about a brand or its product, they tend to consider social media first. That’s why social media can provide greater brand awareness and customer recognition for your business.


Find out more about social media marketing and customer engagement with one of the best professionals out there. You can take help from a reliable professional company to excel in your online/digital marketing efforts. Being social media keeps you in touch with the latest trends that are helping millions of people change and transform their lifestyles. Plus, you can generate valuable insights about customer demands and what they prefer to see in a business like yours by sharing useful information.

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