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SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude Test) is going to be conducted on coming 15th Dec 2019 and the point over here is to note that with SNAP you will be eligible for 15 more institutes with are affiliated to Symbiosis International University (SIU). 

SNAP exam 2019 will be in two formats:one is MCQ and other is Non-MCQ with a total duration of 2 hours from 2:00 pm -4:00 pm with allotted maximum marks of 150 and SNAP exam will be conducted at 92 cities in India and the candidates can opt for 3 options for the chosen centres and most suitable centres will be allotted to them.

SNAP exam pattern will be from its 3 sections namely General English:

Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability, Analytical &Logical Reasoning and Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency. The glaring change in SNAP 2019 pattern are: 

  1. There won’t be any GK section this year and it has its own pros and cons and it should be taken as more positively with the fact that SNAP aspirants will be competing for only 3 sections instead of 4 sections as earlier they used to do. As for understanding from the media reports the GK sections have been removed to test aspirants with their focus only on language skills and quantitative aptitude. But the GK section was a scoring area and the removal of it may lead to the decline of the cut-off ration.
  2. The second major change would be in SNAP exam pattern that the weightage of General English and Logical Reasoning sections have been increased and in this context, SNAP aspirants would have to answer for 34 questions in General English and approx. 36 questions for Logical Reasoning section. The important point of weightage of English section has been increased to 51 marks.
  3. The third change is in the SNAP exam pattern is that there won’t be type-in the answers both in General English and Logical Reasoning section.
  4. The total number of questions is deducted in SNAP 2019, instead of 130 questions, aspirants will have to answer 110 questions.
  5. The last change is the SNAP exam pattern that only the Quant section will be having a mix of normal and special questions. Normal questions carry 1 mark and the Special questions will carry 2 marks for each correct answers. There will be 25% of negative marking in this section, hence this section can impact the overall SNAP score. 

The last moment announcement of revised SNAP exam pattern may have brought some disappointment among students because:

  1. The aspirants may have covered the entire syllabus.
  2. Most of the aspirants have targeted the General Knowledge area but now they have to look after other scoring section and prepare for that in a limited period.
  3. The Logical Reasoning section is the toughest and the number of questions will increase in this section.

In view of the above SNAP exam pattern for 2019 has different changes and its matching with the industry demands which are that MBA pass-outs should not only have best of the communication skills but they should be equally good with business analytics. Because being the future market leaders they should have strong analytical and executional mindset and it will be a good way to analyse how they will deal with last moment pressure.

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