10 Smart Hacks for Making Your Home Look Luxurious

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It’s a general belief that to make your home look luxurious you need to spend a lot of money. However, a lot can be done with an idea and determination to make it real. The good news is that you will an opportunity to show your creative side and have fun when designing the interior of your home. Here are some of the hottest smart hacks that can add luxury to every room without straining the budget.

1.Replace old knobs, pulls, and handles

Replacing the hardware on your cabinets, dressers, drawers, and doors can change the appearance of the furniture. For a warmer look, use copper or brushed brass knobs, pulls, and handles, especially with a natural wooden design. If you are after more modern appeal, brush satin nickel finish is classic and easy to pair with any color and material.

Crystal glass diamond-shaped knobs will create a subtle pop in minimalist décor and also add just enough sparkle to not be tacky. Ceramic hardware is more delicate but offers a variety of patterns and models, mostly with vintage allure. Those who are willing to pay a little extra can upgrade to solid marble knobs adding a sophisticated touch to old living rooms and kitchens.

2. Place unique art pieces in rooms

When you consider adding art to your home, try to find unique pieces that are not common or easy to see elsewhere. Visit galleries that promote the works of up and coming artists to find affordable and unique items for your home. Yard sales can have a few undiscovered treasures so it’s always a good idea to spend a weekend browsing through those.

Carefully choose the frame for the paintings since it can add an extra level of luxury to the room and the art itself. Putting sculptures on display is an elegant solution to create a focal point in public areas, like the hallway or the living room.

3. Create a mirror wall

Decorative mirrors are the old trick to make the room bigger and spacious. Since mirrors reflect light, they can make the room brighter if you place them opposite a window. What type of mirror you will use depends on the size of your apartment.

Hanging several mirrors on one wall is an elegant way to express your creativity and give it a royal look. Frames with detailed artwork can be costly, so look for replicas at affordable furniture stores that will be just as beautiful.

4. Hang long drapes on the windows

Floor-to-ceiling drapes and curtains are a striking addition providing a luxuriant accent for the décor. Opt for fabric in color complimentary to the rug so the drapes don’t steal the visual impression. Additionally, shear materials are a better choice to increase natural light in the room.

If that makes you uncomfortable, add heavy curtains on both sides of the window which will make them look more grandiose. Choose a different color or even a patterned design to make this window treatment exclusive and impactful.

5. Redefine the lighting

Sometimes, all you need to do is upgrade the lighting in the room to make a huge difference. A colorful chandelier can become a focal point and make the room look polished. A more affordable solution is to buy a lampshade and install it on your lights or replace the old ones.

Floor lamps can make a huge statement and will barely make a dent in your budget. Go for interesting shapes and details, so that your lamps are anything but ordinary and plain. Instead of using an overhead light, control the mood of the room with dimmer or differently-placed lamps, for example on the table or shelf.

6. Include wellness details

Luxury is not only about the visual elements, but also the feeling that the environment creates. A few scented candles by the bathtub and an orchid on the vanity will create a welcoming ambiance. A luxurious massage chair and a comfortable rug can turn any office into a high-class working space.

A tall and leafy plant in a big pot is pleasing to the eye and creates a dominating presence. If you have limited space for plants, large flower prints on the curtains can bring gentleness to the room. Oversized throw pillows on the couch and a blanket are ideal winter decorations accenting coziness and warmth.

7. Introduce a small accent table

Small spaces can also look luxurious without requiring renovations and a big redesign. A small accent table is a purposeful, practical, and elegant detail that can elevate the room. Put it between the chairs or by the couch to make the area graceful and neat.

Just pay attention not to put too many decorations on the table and ruin the flow of the room. If anything, keep accessories to a minimum and not in the middle of the table. Clutter is the enemy of elegance and in small places, it can lower the effect of interior design.

8. Combine wallpapers and paint

A fresh coat of paint on the walls will make your home look recently renovated and new. Neutral tones give out the rich and dreamy quality that can go well with any décor. To avoid dullness, use patterned wallpapers on one wall to add depth to the room.

If you are not a fan of wallpapers or patterns on the walls, a darker shade will produce a dramatic change. Painting a ceiling or covering it with wallpaper will turn it into a fifth wall and hide imperfections that can devalue the luxurious form.

9. Transform the chairs

There is no need to spend a lot of money on new chairs when you can transform your old ones. A lot can be done with the right fabric and paint for old furniture. The key to obtaining a luxurious design is to perfectly incorporate fabric with the paint and then a completed chair to the room.

A bold paint can create an unexpected and grand look for your chair, as well as the whole interior décor. Patterns are also an option, just make sure they don’t overburden the room with details, but rather contribute to its expression.

10. Focus on bold accessories

Accessories can make a major impact on the space if you pick the right ones. Their price doesn’t play that big of a role in which one you will choose, as long as you go for the bold ones. The gold bowl on the dining table is a modest, but powerful decoration that can upgrade the room.

An antique vase with fresh flowers on the entrance table is almost like having a butler to welcome the guests. Books on the coffee table and an heirloom lamp will contribute to the coziness of your living room giving an old-fashion vibe.


Changing the appearance of your home is both challenging and fulfilling. It will light up your creativity and make you think about what’s making you happy in the décor. Moreover, luxurious homes may seem like something reserved for the rich and famous, but there is more to them than just being impressive. They offer a cozy and inviting environment that will make you feel like a deity. These smart hacks can attest to that!

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