10 Small Bathroom Design Ideas You Cannot Ignore!

Many among us dream of a luxurious big bathroom that would have a free standing bath and sumptuous armchair. But it’s also true that you could make your small bathroom gorgeous too with decorative ideas. The ideas could make your small bathroom look bigger than before and you don’t have to worry about breaking it down. Here are some ideas to decorate your small bathroom.

Replace your swinging doors

You should change the closet enclosure and the entrance door as well because it may take much space. Install pocket doors where they are needed and save a lot of space for use in the small bathroom.

Keep the color bright and light

If you make your bathroom bright, you may feel more comfortable in a small bathroom. The curtains should be in light color so they could reflect the outside light easily into the bathroom. A wooden floor and vanity could give your bathroom a serene and warm feeling. You should use light colored tiles to add a fresh look in your bathroom. The Lighting system should be increased for a bright view.

Install a big mirror

A big wall mounted mirror could create the delusion of spaciousness. The lights would reflect in the mirror and makes the bathroom brighter and gives it an open airy vibe. You could also use lights behind the mirror to give it an elegant look.        

Try a glass shower door 

A glass shower door without frames could create the illusion of the availability of more space. At the first look in the bathroom, you won’t understand if there is a shower door or not. The glass without frames also gives you a touch of modern technology and fresh looking bathroom. 

Consider modern minimalism

Even the smallest bathroom could look most stylish but installing some modern things like- wall hung toilet without a tank, floating vanity and sink and small faucets. You could even install LED lights on the mirror or get a beautiful LED shower head. What’s more, a beautifully tiled ground with these wall mount technologies may complete the shiny and simple space.

Use a ledge

You could use a narrow edge with the length of your bathroom. It could be the best place for putting your toothbrush, shampoo or other necessary things on it and saving the space of your small bathroom.

Never block a window

Window is the only source of skylight coming to your bathroom. You should never block the window by the shelf of the cabinet or a dingy and dark colored curtain. It makes your bathroom darker and you would feel suffocated there. put light-colored curtains on the windows and let the sunlight come in your small bathroom.

Add a stylish ladder

It may sound a bit strange that you have to use a ladder in your bathroom. But a ladder could be used in many ways in a bathroom like you could hang your towel in the steps of a ladder. If you don’t have enough space for a ladder, just place it behind your toilet. It would give you a unique feel.

Use the same tiles on walls and floor

Using the same tiles on the floor and walls could make your bathroom look bigger. The same tiles create an expansive feel. You could also match the color of the tiles with other fixtures to feel fresh and even larger.

Keep the bathroom clean

A clean and fresh bathroom could make you more comfortable in the small space. Dirt always gives an unappealing look. It is better to use waterproof fixtures so that they won’t damage in the touch of water.

I hope that this article might help you to decorate your small bathroom beautifully. There are also many other ideas but I have just given the best ideas for your small bathroom design.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.

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