Things to do after a slip and fall accident

slip and fall accident

If you have ever been involved in a slip and fall accident then you must know the series of events that entails the unfortunate incident. If you are unsure what to do if you met with such an accident then contact a slip and fall accidents attorney in Miami. Before you do that here is a list that will help you through the process.

Go for medical supervision

 Yes, you will need a slip and fall accidents attorney in Miami but first things first. Get yourself thoroughly checked for any injuries. The diagnosis must be complete and thorough. If you are unable to contact the emergency services yourself seek someone’s help and dial 911. Make sure that you get yourself checked and receive the treatment within 48 hours of the accident.

Even if there are no visible injuries, you still need a doctor’s word just to be on the safer side. Often there are cases where people tend to overlook medical help because of lack of any major external injury but they obliviously suffer from internal ones. Injuries like head injuries can not be determined instantly and thus require expert medical supervision.

 Also, any slip and fall accident attorney in Miami will require your doctor’s examination record to file an insurance claim.

Report the accident

After the doctor’s attention, you need to report about the accident. Most slip and fall accidents attorneys in Miami complain that people don’t bring up such issues and seek help. As this step requires the victim to do some investigation like the owner or the manager of the property, people often get fussy and do not complete this step. So you need to find the person responsible for the maintenance and the upkeep of the property and then make a formal report. More often than not there are standard procedures for such a scenario. You will need to fill our forms. If there is no such facility, then you would need to report the whole incident through mail or by post. Keep a copy of your report and if the person responsible responds to your report, then keep a copy of their response too.

Gather evidence

This is quite an open process and may vary from individual to individual. You may start with gathering witnesses that saw you fall. Although all these would be ultimately profiled by the slip and accidents, you would be more helpful as you will clearly remember the details of the responders. If you had friends with you when the accident occurred, you will be required to write their responses as they can be quite insightful. You should also take photographs of the place where the fall accident occurred. Photographs must clearly show or at least be suggestive about the cause of your accident – It might be the puddle, loose treadings, damaged carpets, or a slippery unattended floor. Your photographs may also suggest the injuries and the loss you sustained Or you can photograph your bandages or the damage to your clothing.

Get in touch with a slip and accident lawyer

Filing for a claim in a slip and fall accident can be quite hectic and overbearing for anybody. The paperwork leaves behind a trail that is quite tedious for anyone to follow. Also, you must know the legal implications of the whole scenario. For example, a slip and fall accident would require the businesses’ insurance company to pay for your loss. So, if a company says that their business would be ruined by your lawsuit, then do not get fooled. These legalities would be better understood by your slip and fall accidents attorney in Miami. It is always advisable to discuss the case thoroughly with your lawyer.

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