Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you are all set to show some love to your loved ones. Are you already planning for a Valentine’s Day gift special to surprise your dear ones with? What we suggest is- a unique and easy option would be a gift that caters to their needs. However, since the day is considered a special occasion for couples, you might choose gifts that your partner would love and doesn’t normally indulge in, such as skincare treatments from a recognized clinic. 

For those who have little knowledge of medical facials and laser hair removal, here’s a low down on the available options for your skin treatment. 

A lot of facial treatments have cropped up in recent times, with some using advanced techniques and luxurious ingredients that supposedly improve skin condition. However, these are probably engineered to provide you with a sense of luxury rather than effective as skin-clearing agents. The internet is flooded with various skin care tips to be followed at home. While spa facials and DIY skincare tips can provide some relaxation, it is worth giving a clinical facial treatment a try that is not only soothing but beneficial to the skin as well. 

Chemical Peels

When considering this you can hardly associate the word “chemical” with some kind of luxury, but the role of chemical peels are more than providing a sense of relaxation; they are effective in improving the skin’s condition. It also reverses the effects of ageing and prevents skin problems like sagging, pigmentation, and wrinkling, from occurring.

Depending on individual skin conditions, different types of chemicals will be used to achieve the most expected results. This is an effective form of exfoliation, chemical peels work by clearing pore and acne. It also helps to unclog pores and improve the overall skin surface.

The process is effective when done regularly, which comes into every 6-8 weeks. Such regularity in the process will help improve the production of collagen and controls excessive oiliness, thereby improving skin clarity and texture.

Robo Derma Facial

RoboDerma Facial, introduced by Clinic Dermatech, is a non-Invasive 7-in-1 Robotic system. This has been an innovative solution for a facial treatment that gives amazing results. No matter what type of skin you or your partner has, Robo Derma facial is suitable for every skin type. This breakthrough face therapy helps in increasing the production of collagen and revitalizes the skin, ensuring clearer and younger-looking skin.

Anti-Tan Treatment

When it is the special time of the year, you do not want a tanned, uneven skin colour to spoil your look. The best thing you can gift someone with is an anti-tan treatment from Clinic Dermatech. Exfoliation, chemical peels and laser treatment are some of the types of anti-tan treatments available. 

Skin Treatments as Valentine’s Day Gift 

Generally, when it comes to present gifts on Valentine’s Day, one would think of a red rose, dinner dates, and chocolates. However, roses get dried and chocolates are consumed, and they will never really last. With unique ideas like gifting a package of skin care treatment provides practicality in a way that it helps to improve skin health and the results are long-lasting if done regularly.

Makes Your Special Someone Feel Confidently Beautiful

Considering the skin care treatment and the improvements that it can bring, a complete package of skin care treatment can make for excellent Valentine’s Day presents because it can help make your special one look and feel good. The treatment like Chemical Peel can help cleanse the skin from the deeper levels, and give radiance to the skin on the surface level.

While most of the people consider facials to be a female activity, this skin treatment is equally attracting more of the male demographic. This makes it a perfect gift that both men and women can enjoy together, as a way to relax and enjoy each other’s company. 

Just like Chemical Peels and other medical facials, laser hair removal offers practicality, as well as provides your partner to achieve a flawless skin that is smooth and hairless. Also, this can be a perfect gifting option that can be done together. 

Best Facial for Pigmentation in India

Hyper-pigmentation is one of the biggest skincare concerns of Indian men and women, and many people don’t fully understand what its treatment should be so that it doesn’t appear any longer. Hyper-pigmentation is not permanent and can be fully treated with the right use of skin care products and a few preventive steps. 

Gift Your Loved One a Skin Care Package of Clinic Dermatech This Valentine’s Day

Step away from the usual gifts of perfumes, chocolates, teddy bears et al this Valentines’ Day. Gift your loved one something that they will truly treasure – a skincare package of the best facials and skin services.

Clinic Dermatech recommends the best facial for pigmentation in India. The correct skin pigmentation from the deep in the dermal layers. You can visit Clinic Dermatech to get the treatment done together or schedule an appointment for the package of skin care treatment as a gift to your loved one.  

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