3 Simple Hair Care Tips for Mompreneurs

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Do you feel like you ought to assume the title of Mother of Dragons, Keeper of the Hearth, and Protector of Your Kingdom?

If you’re a mompreneur, then, by all means, create a title as fantastical as this. The coined term fusing mother and entrepreneur may be simple enough to understand, but being one is not something to sneeze at.

It’s not easy being a mother. Now, how much more complicated would life be if you need to nurture a growing business at the same time? You deserve to look your best while staying at the top of your game. For mompreneurs out there who want to get tips on maintaining a healthy head of hair while keeping everything on point, this article is for you.

From treating yourself to the best hair treatment salon in Dubai to knowing which food to include in your diet, we’ve put together some hair care hacks to keep the stress away from your tresses.

Mommy’s Mane Matters

Being a mom means that you work 24/7. You take care of the household, the kids, the spouse, and the thousand and one things that also seem to seek your attention in one way or another.

On top of that, you also need to attend to your business. It may be your dream, a hobby, or something to help support your family. Whatever the reason may be, juggling all these things can take a toll on your hair.

Some mompreneurs are still at a loss in terms of how to give proper attention to their manes. Just as you invest enough time, energy, and resources in choosing the best food for your family, the best skincare products for yourself, or the best tools for the success of your company, the same should also be done to give your hair the love it deserves.

Here are some simple ways for mompreneurs to care for their hair:

1. Know Your Hair Type

Different people have different hair types and textures. Some may have dry or oily scalps. Others may have frizzy or thin and breakable hair. You can have curly, straight, or wavy hair. Your hair type is determined by genetics, but may also be affected by other factors such as your lifestyle, diet, or medications, among others.   

Knowing your hair type is crucial, so you can also choose the right products and hair care treatment. For example, mompreneurs with dry hair may need to lay off the daily shampoo while active mompreneurs who get oily tresses may need to wash their hair every day.

You can go to a dermatologist if you need help determining your hair type or any bothersome scalp or hair concerns. A professional hairstylist may also be able to assist you in identifying what your hair needs.

2. Watch How You Wash

You might just be going in and out of the shower in a flash. It’s better to take the time to thoroughly wash your hair, apply shampoo and conditioner, and dry your hair correctly.

Start by using lukewarm water to wet your hair and rinse off dust and dirt. Warm water will also help open the cuticles and make it easier for your shampoo to cleanse your scalp. Open cuticles also absorb the oils left by your conditioner.

You don’t need to apply shampoo twice as doing so may strip your hair of its natural oils. When using shampoo, dilute it with water so it can spread evenly throughout your scalp. Massage the scalp with your fingers and hands (not with your nails) and avoid rubbing the shampoo down to the tips.

When you apply conditioner, the opposite applies. After rinsing out the shampoo, massage the conditioner from the middle part of your hair down to the tips. Avoid using conditioner on your scalp because it makes the roots oilier.

Rinse off the conditioner under cold running water. Using cool water closes off the cuticles and locks in moisture. Dry your hair by patting it gently – not rubbing it – with a towel.

3. Get Better Treatment

You should also make it a point to visit your hair salon regularly. You benefit more from professional hair treatments because you get the knowledge and expertise of hair experts. They can determine your hair condition and recommend the right treatment for it.

For example, a Brazilian hair smoothing treatment can give you softer, smoother, and healthier hair. It helps tame flyaways and locks in moisture for less frizzy locks. Another hair care service that is perfect for all hair types is the macadamia deep repair treatment. It penetrates deep down to rebuild coarse, dry, and color-treated hair.

There are other hair care services, such as a bond enhancer treatment, gloss treatment, and a personalized hair treatment. It’s best to schedule a consultation with your hairstylist to determine which one would be best for you.

Mane Maintenance

Mother. Entrepreneur. Wonder Woman.

You are undoubtedly wearing so many caps. To ensure that the hair under those caps stays healthy and fabulous, you should see to it that you also make a conscious effort to care for your overall health. Not only do you need to consider your physical condition, but you should also be aware of how you are emotional, mentally, and spiritually.

Lack of sleep, being overworked, or the daily stresses in your life can cause hair and scalp problems. That is why you should take steps in managing your stress so you can avoid hair loss, among other stress-related conditions.

To get those healthy and fabulous locks, you need to give the proper attention to your hair. True, your time may already be divided in more ways than you can count. However, you should never neglect to take care of yourself as well.

Eating right, getting adequate sleep, and engaging in regular physical activity should be part of your daily regimen. At the same time, it pays to follow effective hair care tips, such as those mentioned above.

Here are additional hair care tips:

·      Brush less to prevent too much hair loss.

·      Avoid braids, ponytails, or hairstyles that are too tight and may damage the roots and lead to hair breakage.

·      Opt to air-dry hair whenever possible.

·      Get a haircut every 10-12 weeks to prevent split ends.

Practice these hair care habits, and you can achieve healthy, beautiful hair no matter where your day as a mom and an entrepreneur takes you.


Hillary Kozma is the Owner/Managing Director/Creative Director of Kozma & Kozma Salon. Having built the foundation of her skills with an apprenticeship under a direct protege of Vidal Sassoon, Hillary, and her husband opened Glow American Salon in Qatar in 2007 before expanding to Dubai as Kozma & Kozma in 2016. The media hail Hillary as a “pioneer in her field” for introducing new talents, concepts, philosophies, and techniques to the Middle East.

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