A simple guide to business meeting style: attire etiquette

business meeting style

The clothes you wear and how you wear them are one of the easiest and most powerful ways to communicate about yourself, and your expectations for the meeting and to speak more broadly about your company. After all, it’s hard not to judge a book by its cover. The way you dress tells people who you are and what kind of personality you have. It also signals how seriously you take yourself—and what kind of commitment you make toward others. So when it comes time to think about meeting attire, follow these simple guidelines:

Look good, and you’ll feel good

You’re in a business meeting, and you want to look good.

The first thing is to make sure that what you wear fits. Don’t wear clothes that are too big or too small for your body type, because it will make your outfit look strange and awkward.

Again: fit is key!

Secondly, choose clothes that are comfortable enough so that you don’t feel distracted during the meeting. Sometimes when clothing doesn’t fit right or hangs awkwardly off of our bodies, we can get distracted by trying to fix it instead of focusing on our presentation or listening more attentively to what others are saying around us.

Shop for an outfit, not a piece of clothing

There are many different kinds of business and office events, which means there are lots of possibilities for what you can wear. The first step in choosing an outfit is to consider the occasion and environment. Are you going to a formal event? Will you be working in a casual environment? Think about the message you want to convey with your clothes and how this will relate to your audience and company culture.

Finding something appropriate for any situation will take some effort, but it’s worth it! Shop around until you find something that makes you feel confident and professional—and then spend some time looking at outfits online or on Pinterest so that next time around, finding something appropriate won’t feel so intimidating.

Choose a watch from the same collection as your outfit

Watches can be a great accessory to your outfit and help you with time management. A watch can make a statement, be a conversation starter and help you show off your personality. Selecting the right watch is all about balance: between function and form, between simplicity and complexity – it’s up to you.

Wear the perfect shoes

Your feet are the foundation of your whole body. When you wear shoes that don’t fit correctly, it can make a big negative difference in how confident you are in yourself and how comfortable you are. This can affect your performance in meetings and interactions with coworkers or clients.

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So when it comes to business meetings, it’s important that we all make sure our footwear is appropriate for what’s going on around us.

Dress appropriately for your age group

If you are young and inexperienced in the workplace (or even if you’re not), it can be tempting to go overboard with fashion when going into an important meeting. However, this can backfire on you by making you look immature or unprofessional. Instead, stick with conservative choices that will make you look professional without making people think of “spring break” every time they see you enter the room!

Formal business meetings

Formal business meetings are held in more luxurious settings and are usually hosted by clients or potential partners. For women, this means wearing a suit with a skirt or pants suit as well as jewellery and accessories that match the colour scheme of the event and venue. Men should wear a suit with a tie unless otherwise specified by the host or company policy. Women may wear suits or dresses with heels, while men should avoid jeans and sneakers as they are considered casual attire at a formal event.

Your makeup should be subtle and natural-looking

Keep your eyeshadow dark enough to accentuate your eyes but not so dark that they look fake or overdone. And while bright lipstick is fun for parties, it can seem too flashy in an office setting — especially if you don’t have much experience with dressing up for business meetings yet! If you want to always shine without much effort, eyelash extensions will help you a lot, because then you won’t have to use a lot of makeup.

Your hair should always be groomed

 If you’re wearing your hair down, make sure it’s free of tangles and styled neatly. If you have short hair, consider wearing it up in an elegant bun or ponytail with loose tendrils framing your face.

Dress for success

 The key is to always be respectful to the occasion. You should also pay attention to any guidelines provided by your boss or client and follow those accordingly.

For example, if the meeting is informal, you may be able to wear jeans and a blouse or shirt instead of a suit jacket. If your boss says casual clothes are okay at that time, then go ahead and wear casual attire — but always keep in mind that it’s better not to look like you’re not ready for business meetings than to wear something inappropriate or sloppy.

Choose accessories carefully — they can either make or break an outfit

Avoid flashy jewellery, large handbags and other items that draw attention away from what’s important: your face and body language during the presentation itself. When it comes to business attire, it is best to choose classic jewellery that does not distract attention. It can be a watch, small earrings or a thin necklace.

So, as a rule of thumb, remember that first impressions are everything. Dressing for a business meeting is about more than just looking professional; it’s about making sure that everyone in the room knows where you stand and how to take you seriously. If you want to get ahead in life, keep these tips in mind when selecting an outfit—because just like with any other aspect of your appearance or communication style, what others think about you can affect everything from job interviews to important presentations at work!


Business meeting style

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