Show your reflection with your music to the world


There are several points to give consideration when you build a music website, the text, the bio the press kit, appealing images, and a lot more. Though one shouldn’t forget one of the most important things that need to stand out is your music.

Since music is so necessary for the bands’ website that the page itself needs time and attention, it reveals who you are as an artist, and it must give your fans several choices to listen to your music and offer them a more in-depth insight in your work and persona. 

Well, there are so many means of promoting and selling your music, mainly when it’s the age of digitization the social media and websites have stolen the show. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube can bring you a lot of fans and popularity, but what if they don’t create value for what you have been aiming for? The most reliable means where you can create value for your music and band is none other than Wikipedia. It’s the hub of information sharing that is factual and reliable. So how to create a Wikipedia page for a band that is enough engaging in selling your music let’s take a look!

Make your band notable

It may be the case that someone might come to the live show or view a clip on the social media featuring your band performance. If they liked it, they would search for more, and since Wikipedia is the most favorite information sharing website of Google more because whenever, you, the results of Wikipedia comes first. While notability is the essential criteria to enter the wild world of Wikipedia, many bands caught struggling how to get notable.

If people are visiting your website and they want to listen to your music, why not you make it easy for them to listen to all with a compelling music page. You can lead your audiences to your latest band performance by adding short preview clips on social media and link it to your website. Moreover, add track list, the album, or some high-end performances from the concerts. Make it easy for them how to press play and delve into your compelling music

Tips for creating an excellent music page

Offer music for sale with some physical options

Your online presence and deal will give you an insight into how many physical albums you need to press. Some individuals still love to keep a physical collection of music in their hand and will often choose an album to live show. You can create an online store to add physical music items in your store feature. You can also add limited edition items such as CDs or pieces of vinyl.

Give access to free music

Providing a few digital downloads is an excellent means to create your fan base. Usually, someone might download your music or view your band performance since it’s free. As they listen to it and come back for more as they know they have enjoyed it. Moreover, you can offer them one of your latest track in exchange for the signup option. Submitting a track for signup will help you grow your fan base. This, in turn, will assist you selling more music through the aisle. 

Add lyrics to your performance

With the digitization and streaming gone are the days where albums/ CD jackets with words, however, several fans still want to learn the words. Hence on your music page, make sure to include the lyrics for your songs. If not this there is another way to create the lyrics submenu page for the music section and post all your words there, all you have to do is to make sure that the fans can reach to it.

Add a framework to your music

One of the best thing about your website is that you control it, you can steer the content you can add value to the information and make your music page personal. This fundamentally assists you in converting the visitors from the listeners, and you’re supporting fans.

As you place the album with description and artistry on your website, make more descriptions about your latest album release. Discuss your style and how and when the music was created. You can also add reviews and quote. Adding relevant images or two will make your music page highly appealing and contribute context for your vast fan base.

Your music is the reflection of who you are, and your music page should be the reflection of it as well. Keep in mind when you create the page the overall look of the page justifies your sound and your personality

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