Should You Still Learn Python In 2023?

still learn python

Do you think that as a programmer you must learn Python programming? What are the chances of growth if you know Python programming? Are you sure that you must invest your time in learning Python?

Deciding to learn Python as a beginner can be a good decision if you think about growth. However, you must know many things before starting your journey. Python is preferred by many programmers as it is easy to learn and offers a more straightforward learning curve, compared to other programming languages.

The answer to the question is yes. Python is worth learning! The time and energy you invest in learning Python will be useful in the future. The programming industry has just started growing and there are plenty of opportunities for programmers to explore. You can find online resources that help you learn Python coding.

Let’s look at the importance of Python, why it is worth learning, and some of the benefits that the language offers. 

The importance of Python and its applications 

If you are aiming to enter the software programming or data science domain, Python is worth your effort. Python is considered to be a highly efficient programming language used for varying use cases. 

The in-built solutions which Python offers for web development projects are loved by almost every programmer. Moreover, Python is also useful because of the support of multiple libraries. Libraries and frameworks are useful especially when it comes to data science. 

We are living in an era where businesses generate a huge amount of data, useful for forming business decisions. It’s a great and intuitive programming language for performing complex mathematical computations and operations. Libraries are there to ensure efficiency during coding and also that a programmer need not always write code from scratch. 

Also, python offers flexibility to a programmer. As a programmer, you can work on new frameworks and work on new applications. Python has a simplified syntax that is easy to learn, which makes it one of the favorite programming languages for most programmers.

Python programming language has a wide range of applications in different domains. Therefore, if you are wondering about the scope of the programming language, you need not worry about it. There are plenty of career paths you can explore after learning Python programming. 

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What are the benefits of learning Python programming? 

You might also come across the question of deciding which programming language is best to choose. It’s a valid question since you will have to apply a lot of time and energy to learn the language. Let’s look at some of the benefits of learning Python programming, and how Python is better than its counterparts:

1. Ease of learning

Compared to other programming languages, Python is easy to learn and understand. Due to the simplicity of its syntax, writing and executing Python codes is easy compared to other programming languages. Compared to other counterparts, Python’s syntax is quite similar to the English language. Due to these reasons, the popularity of the language is also increasing. 

2. Its use in the Data Science industry 

Learning Python coding for data science is a good decision. The language has a wide range of use cases in the data science industry. The biggest benefit of using Python is that it allows a programmer to do a lot, with just a few lines of code. For machine learning and algorithms, Python is a great programming language. Moreover, for mathematical and computation functions, libraries like NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, etc., are useful. Also, Python is very useful for data visualization. 

3. Huge support community 

Sometimes, rather than learning on your own, learning with a community is better. Python has a huge community of learners, who can help you in learning the language and develop a great understanding. The benefit of learning with a community is that you can get insights from different people and know their thought processes behind coding. While coding if you are stuck somewhere, you can easily get help from experts all around the world. 

Learning to code online offers you a huge benefit of networking. Online, you will find many industry experts who can help you learn to code effectively. Remember, if you are trying to learn Python coding, you will have to put in the effort. You will also need a roadmap, which keeps guiding you in the right direction. Experienced industry professionals can help you with their experience. 
These are some benefits of learning Python programming. Through this blog, we have tried to present a clear picture of the language and its future scope. There are some solid reasons to learn Python programming and there’s also a great scope for growth. However, learning the language will require effort and dedication. There are plenty of resources available on the internet for self-learners. But if you need a structured approach, you can look for Python courses online. If you can find a Python programming course for beginners, it can be useful. Python is a powerful programming language, and with its help, you can build solid products!

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