Should Cellphones Be Banned In Schools?

It’s been 48 years since cell phones were invented but we are still debating whether cell phones should be banned in schools or not. Before taking into consideration the behavior of school kids regarding cell phones, this debate also raises some questions below:

  • Is it our failure to not be able to teach school kids to use mobile responsibly?
  • What is the necessity of mobile in school?
  • Have mobile phones replaced the significance of computer labs?
  • Are school libraries not updated from time to time?  
  • Is the connection between school administration and kids’ parents not reliable?

Now, let’s ignore the above queries and bring up logically whether cell phones should be banned in school or not?

Impact of Mobile Phone on Classroom Environment:

No doubt, in a broader sense we all agree that cell phones can be helpful in the provision of useful educational tools but remarkably it can distract student’s concentration in no time. A simple message popping on the student’s mobile screen will create curiosity unless he or she opens that text. Some of the time will be consumed in answering that text and so on if the conversation continues.

Moreover, sharing short messages, pictures and memes do happen during serious discussions. Cyberbullying and sexting are also among the serious harmful aspects of the presence of mobile phones in the classrooms. According to different surveys following evidence can be related to the negative impact of mobile phones on the student and classroom environment:

  • Students who texted in the classroom gathered less information, wrote poor quality notes, and showed poor results.
  • Students themselves realized that cell phone usage demotes learning.
  • Students without cell phones recalled 62% more information than in the second category.
  • While students were deliberately allowed to use mobile phones for two weeks, their academic results declined up to 6.3%.
  • Students’ participation in classroom discussion has been decreased.
  • Anxiety level among the students has been amplified due to their attachment with cell phones.


According to a source, almost 7700 children become the victim of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can damage student personality in the following way:

  • Loose in self-assurance
  • Anxiety
  • Increase in aggressive behavior
  • Increase in drug intake
  • At last suicides attempts

Increase in Dissociation Rate:

When a student from a random school was inquired whether the mobile phone should be allowed or not? She told me that whenever I go to the canteen or get our free period, there is nobody to talk about. She further explained that every student seems to be stuck on a mobile phone. They do not even bother to talk or share their thoughts on any subject.

 When mobile devices were banned in some schools after strict evaluation, teachers and even parents were extremely happy as they felt that their children were socializing again.

Decline In Book Reading Habits:

There is a clear-cut decline in book reading habits due to the availability of the internet. Students now rely more on mobile phones as compared to books. While reading any literature or article on the mobile phone they get easily attracted to the notification of other applications or messages.  

According to a report, every student checks their phone every 8.6 minutes. Educational experts state that even though their mobile remains silent on vibration they get distracted easily. He further explained that as mobile phones are fully-fledged with persuasive stuff that it becomes too difficult to give attention to routine subjects of school.

However, how some lame excuses can be tackled to avoid cell phones in the school:

Contact School Administration In Case Of Emergency:

Before the invention of mobile phones, parents were still in contact with the school administration. Parents were being aware through the school administration’s official landline number and still, it can work in this era. It is just an excuse for how students will contact their parents in case of an emergency. Students can use either the administration contact number or their teachers.

Acquaint students with Laptop:

If a school wants to incorporate the latest technology in their academic curriculum, use a laptop or computer instead of the mobile phone as they cause less distraction. Teachers should use network monitor software to monitor all the computers in the classroom or computer lab.

Promote class discussions:

Instead of finding a single answer promote class discussion. These discussions will not only gather dynamic views but also increase the confidence of several students.

Bottom line:

No matter how advanced technology becomes, our students can’t soar high unless we provide them strong wings. They should be taught the use of technology in the right way and at the right time. We should promote healthy activities instead of crippling them in the name of technology.

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