Recognising and Honouring hard-working and dedicated people in the industry is important to keep them motivated. You can make it more special by opting for trendy trophies. While an awards ceremony may last a couple of hours, the trophies will stay with people forever! But you may wonder, for instance, where I can find metal plaques melbourne. You can find them at Olympia. You can also find custom awards and sports trophies in Melbourne through the Olympia online store.   

They will represent your brand’s reputation and how you treat those loyal to your company. Trophies are always the highlight, from sports events to the entertainment industry to corporate events. The eyes of every deserving candidate sparkle with joy and pride when they see a beautiful trophy coming their way. You can also find custom awards in Melbourne to lift the morale of the winner many notches.

Moreover, trophies must be impressive, stylish, stand out from the crowd and, most importantly, bring a smile to the face of the recipient. Rewards are what keep us all going in life. Here are the top 8 beautiful trophy designs that you must consider:

Heritage Trophy

The classic heritage trophy is simply perfect for all occasions. This trophy will be a great fit for all the year’s top performers. A big trophy at the end of the award highlights the overall design and makes it look precious.

Place the logo of your company, the recipient’s name or even the award’s title in the middle. This trophy is quite huge and will do justice to the winners. From wooden frames to glass ones, there are several options. Get it customised accordingly and see which colour best matches the event’s theme.

Torch Crystal Trophy

For occasions when you wish to mark the day as a crucial one, opt for a torch crystal trophy. The torch’s flame is yellow, and the rest is transparent. Torch trophies signify important events in one’s journey.

Whether someone is completing 10 or more years in your firm, retiring or finishing off a project, this trophy is perfect for all scenarios. Not only is it beautiful, but it also sends an inspiring message of always keeping your flame alive. So opt for this trophy if you want to acknowledge someone’s time or work.

The Royal Trophy

Such trophies are in the shape of a champion award. While they are mostly available in gold and silver, the crystal one looks gorgeous. It adds more value to the prize and makes the trophy aesthetically appealing. Also, the receiver would love to show it off to everyone else.

With a black or brown base containing the company’s name, logo or award title, the trophy design remains purely crystal. Moreover, the cup is elegant and stands out even when plenty of trophies are available.

Celebrations and Achievements Award

This option is great if you want to make the award ceremony special for all the women in power. There is a stunning female figure made of metallic chrome in this trophy. One of her hands is pointing upwards, carrying the globe in it.

It depicts a delighted and successful image of all the women who made it here. This will also add a hint of uniqueness to the trophies and make the receivers feel special. Get the trophy customised by adding the company’s name, the recipient’s name and the event’s title.

Teamwork trophy

While individual awards are vital, group trophies play a significant role too. Every year, there are specific teams who do outstanding work. For them, opt for this trophy that encourages and praises the entire team’s hard work.

With a group of figures holding their hands and their roots attached, it sends a beautiful message to everyone about how all of them are working towards a common goal. You can get metal plates in Melbourne or customise the trophies according to the event. Mention the details of the award on the base of the trophy.

Star Award

There are always star performers in every organisation. Motivate those who work around the clock to make dreams come true. As the name suggests, the trophy is in the shape of a star mounted on a base. Also, this star can be made of crystal or be gold or black in colour, whatever the event calls for.

All the information related to the trophy can come from the base of the trophy. This is surely going to be a hit in every award ceremony. So if you are looking for custom awards Melbourne, this is the perfect option.

Metal Flame Award

If we are talking about stylish awards, how can I not mention the famous metal flame trophy? It has an elegant finish and aesthetic appearance and fits right for every category. No matter what the award type is, this design will suit everything.

When making last-minute decisions but still want a beautiful trophy design, go for metal flame awards. Moreover, it is minimalistic and can be customised in various sizes and colours. So even if you want sports trophies Melbourne, the flame design will work fine for such events.

Victory Wings

Wings are a trendy and stunning design for trophies. Apart from looking incredible, they also convey a beautiful message. Wings present victory, success and accomplishments. Crystal wings on a black base would look amazing in award ceremonies.

The best thing about these trophies is that they have a minimalist design yet express a deeper message. Such trophies are perfect for winners, and you can use them as a consolation award. In addition, you can customise the wings to make them more unique and relevant to the ceremony.

In Conclusion

Achievements prevail in every aspect of life. Everyone likes to get recognised once in a while to know that their work is appreciated.

Trophies can be something other than basic, as you can make them as extravagant as you want. Every form of glory is special, from leadership, sports, entertainment, volunteering, and years of service to teamwork awards.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.