Shaving Guide

Like many valuable things in life, electric shaving takes some time to get used to. However, with the right tools, fair preparation process, perfect technique and a little bit of perseverance, you can get a neat, intimate, and comfortable shave every day. It is worth finishing a photo process! Our experts have compiled 5 simple steps that will keep your electric shaver always at its best performance and help you get the maximum benefit from the shaver day after day throughout the product’s life. Go through these 7 points to get a great guide for good shaving:

  1. The right tools
  2. Be prepared
  3. Get your technique down
  4. Place the shaver at a right angle
  5. Moving the shaver at different speeds
  6. Give it time
  7. Keep your shaver in tip-top condition

The right tools

When it comes to best electric shaver for men in India, there are many options on the market; wet or dry, mains or battery, rotary or foil, budget or premium. No matter your preference, priority and price point, and loads of advice to help you choose your perfect electric shaver, we have something to suit.

Shaving Guide

If you need some guidance, check out today’s best-selling electric shavers and break them down by popular price range. Edited by our expert team based on the current sales situation, this is a sure way to quickly find the right budget that other customers think is a good choice.

Be prepared

When it comes to obtaining the highest quality shaver with an electric shaver, preparation is the key to success. Unless you use a wet and dry electric shaver, if the stubble is clean and the bones are dry, the shaver will be smoother without redness and skin irritation. Use talc-based electrical pre-shaving products (such as the Bloc men Powder Stick series) to keep stubble to absorb sweat and natural oils, and to straighten your beard for trimming. Be prepared = smooth, comfortable glide and firm shave, so don’t shrink!

Get your technique down

Like other new things, there are learning difficulties in shaving, so it is essential to hone the technique. Once the shaving routine is determined, shaving in the morning will become very easy and fast, so it is worth sticking to. Bald head shaver India is divided into two types: foil type and rotary type. Both types use different hair removal methods, so it is essential to know which camp the shaver belongs to and optimize shaving through the correct movements and exercises. When using a shaver, make a straight long reciprocating movement on the face and neck. Conversely, when using a rotary shaver, make some small circular motions.

Place the shaver at a right angle

Use the dominant hand to place the shaver at a right angle to the face, and use the other hand to tighten the skin when shaving, so that the hair stands upright. Work methodically so as not to traverse the same area unnecessarily. Unlike a typical wet shaver with a blade, don’t be afraid to shave your hair. The electric shaver will not sting or irritate people in the same way. In fact, shaving the hair can help the hair stand up and improve the cutting effect.

Moving the shaver at different speeds

Try moving the shaver at different speeds so that the cutter has time to capture the hair and cut it. You may find that it is better to move the shaver more slowly at the beginning of the shave, and the thicker the beard, the faster the shave once most of the hair is cut.

Give it time

Patience is the advantage of any shaving technique, but it is essential for electric shaving, especially if you have been using a wet shaver your whole life. Every time the shaver shaves, you will remove a thin layer of skin, which causes the body to produce replacement scar tissue. You will not have this kind of scar tissue through electric shaving, so it takes two to three weeks to adjust. During this period you may experience some slight irritation, but please stick to it.

Keep your shaver in tip-top condition

A well-maintained and adequately maintained shaver will perform better and will extend the life of the product. Therefore, it is effortless to keep the shaver in its best condition. Debris is easy to accumulate, especially if your facial hair is thick, so get in the habit of using the cleaning brush that comes with the shaver to remove all the dust from each shaver.

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