How to Know That A SEO Company is Corrupt?

SEO Company is Corrupt

We all know a thing or two to consider while looking for the Best SEO Company in Australia. However, there are a few fraudulent presents in the market. They may have a big name or significant backing, but they are not suitable for your business. 

Every industry is filled with both good and bad organizations, and the field of search engine optimization is no exception. Therefore, whenever you plan to connect with a new company, ensure you have done proper research. Seeking help from an unprofessional and unethical SEO company can easily ruin your business. 

Now you may have come across all those articles regarding what to look for while searching for a good and reliable SEO company from the Best SEO Company Australia. Here we will mention what you should look for to identify the unprofessional and unethical SEO company. 

The Company Sends You Unsolicited Emails 

One of the simple warnings you can get from a bad SEO company is the cold emails without any prior request or contact. In such cases, they create a list and send them out to numerous people without any demand. Such behaviour indicates that the people in the company did not perform any research on the clients they want. If you receive such emails from any company, do not associate yourself with them. 

The Company will Guarantee a Specific Number of Links Per Month 

The Best SEO Companies in Australia do not guarantee a certain number of links per month, as each month comes with some ups and downs. If any company is offering you a certain amount of links per month, it means they are using black hat strategies or automated link development. Such things may seem profitable at first. However, it is unethical and risk-prone. Your business website may get penalized by Google. Genuine links may be difficult to find. However, they offer 100% natural results and bring organic traffic to your website. 

The Company Offers No Transparency 

Another unmistakable warning sign of a bad SEO company is its lack of transparency. The Best SEO Company in Australia believes in providing all of their accomplishments and past clients. Moreover, they prepare a portfolio through which you can quickly contact some of their old clients and see their past work. 

Any company that shies away from showing their accomplishments and avoids talking about their past clients indicates a lack of positive outcomes. Therefore, choose a company that proudly shows its accomplishments and its triumphant efforts. 

The Company Guarantee a Specific Number of Fresh Users

As mentioned above, a new month brings new challenges and opportunities. Thus, it is difficult to determine how many new users the SEO team can use the SEO strategies. Some months you see significant growth, while in some, the results stay the same. The Best SEO Company India uses SEO strategies and tactics to bring relevant traffic and increase the website’s visibility. However, it is difficult to determine any specific number of fresh users. If any SEO company offers an exact amount of new users they bring, they are using dishonest methods. Constant use of such methods gets your website blacklist by Google. 

The Company Assure Amazing Rankins Within Limited Time 

 No need to think twice before avoiding such SEO companies that promise you a high ranking in the search engine results within a limited time. The Best SEO Company in Australia knows that search engines conduct ranking systematically. Moreover, the ranking of your website also depends on other website rankings. 

Google or any other search engine compares off the website of every specific industry before determining the website’s popularity. Moreover, the Google rankings are also affected by the algorithms at timely updates. For sure, maintaining the website visibility is difficult; your ranking may fluctuate between the top ten. However, any company that offers number one raking is a total fraud and must be avoided at all costs. It is another sign for you to look somewhere else. 

Choosing a suitable search engine optimization service provider is problematic from the Best SEO Company in Australia. However, what is more, manageable is eliminating the fraud. You can save a lot of your hard earn money by not investing in an unprofessional and unethical SEO firm. Do proper research and take your sweet time before investing and bonding with any SEO company available in the market. 

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