The Selection Process for the Super Lv

super lv selection process

Every year, football fans look forward to super bowl events due to the excitement that comes with it. Super bowl sports is a big game that grows exponentially every day. If you are not properly versed with the super bowl, you will need a faster refresher. You may as well want to entertain other party guests with the facts surrounding the super bowl. This article provides the reader with an ultimate guide with everything that you would love to know regarding the game.

Understanding super bowl

This is a championship game that is played annually for the NFL (National football league). It culminates in at least four-game exhibition preseason. These are the 16-game regular season and the single elimination postseason. In the first four games, the super bowl sports feature the AFL and the NFL. The two of the champion leagues were later merged back in the 1970s. And because the merger which the pit for the champions of NFC and the AFC of the previous game is what determines the next year’s games.

How the decision of the super bowl LV was made

It is very amazing to witness how the selection process of super bowl LV has changed over time. In the past, the hosting city was selected depending on the location that has warm weather in the early parts of the year. It is for the same reason that states like Miami, New Orleans, and Los Angeles have done super bowl games several times. Last, Miami hosted the game to record the 11th time since the beginning.

Recently, things have changed in terms of the selection process. It is clear that Minneapolis hosted the super bowl a few years ago and the weather is not the deciding factor in this case.  And in accordance to Michael Zimmer who happens to be the president of the Miami super bowl hosting committee adds that it now works on the bid for the systems. That means the league will have to invite cities to make bids, make finalist short losing and request the cities to make official bid documents. All these should have clear and concise details of the plans they have, then later voting must take place to choose the most suggested. According to the reports given by CNN, they claim that the NFL does not use the bidding system nowadays. They insist what they do nowadays is to model where that is the NFL asks if you would love to host the game. In a case where you accept to do it, you will have to negotiate with them on the terms and conditions and if you both come to terms then it’s all good.

It is important to note that a year is a little time to put together a bid according to Michael. This is because it is a whole 600 words document that needs serious research to have everything put in place to host such a big game. Therefore, what is needed is for everyone to go to the NFL which is the chief owner of the meeting.

The hosts for the next five years

Following the amount of the plans needed, the league hosts cities in advance. Backdating to 2017 they decided to have the super bowl LV played in Tampa in 2021. Originally, they had planned to have the super bowl LV played in Los Angeles but because of the delays in constructing the So-Fi stadium, Tampa was the decision they resulted in within a year. From there on, the locations for the next host of the Super Bowl LV  will be LA, Arizona, TBD, and New Orleans in that order.

How the super bowl LV is chosen

 The teams to face off the NFL match are well known. To secure the place, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers overcame the Green Bay Packers. This way before the Kansas chief taking care of the Buffalo Bills in setting up a mouthwatering clash.

Super Bowl LV is scheduled to take place on February 7th, 2021 at a stadium known as the James Stadium, in Tampa, Florida.

The truth about this location is that the decision used to be weather-related. Having this season coming to its climax in February, Alaska was always unlikely to become a state of getting the nod though there might be a climatic change in the future. We could say that warmer locations like Miami would be suitable and have seen them lead in the way the super bowl has been held there several times.

Bidding for the bowl

It is important to know that weather is not the sole deciding factor of where the game should take place. Instead, the bidding cities should compete in acquiring honor and responsibility. Notably, the process has changed over time. Previously, NFL would invite cities into making bids on the location to host the super bowl. It has been that case until recently when that model had to change. From the year 12018, the super bowl games have had a competitive way of selections. And it is at this point when the NFL contacts their chosen venue where they inquire and put the most suitable proposal.

A condition that the host must fulfill to host a super bowl game

  • To begin with, the stadium that aims to host this game should be in a market that hosts an NFL team with over 70, 000 seats, media, and other electrical amenities. All these will be necessary for producing a powerful super bowl game. With that, it means the stadium must include temporary seating for the super bowl fans. It is however supposed to approve by the league as they aim to satisfy the fans. The arena where the average temperature within the stadium. That means there should be a rooftop or maybe a waiver provided by the NFL. Besides that, there should be a parking lot with over 30,000 parking lots within a mile of the stadium.
  • There should be a space for the game day experience, large entertainment, and walking spaces.
  • It is important to have essential infrastructure that should be put into the right place around the stadium and the super bowl facilities. This includes electric needs, media, parking, communication, and transportation needs that should be catered for.
  • There is a need to practice space of equal and comparable quality for the team’s playing. This should be done within the shortest time possible.


After the grand finale of this super bowl LV season that takes place at Raymond James Stadium, the next game will take place in California. It will take place in a stadium known as Sofi in Inglewood. It is important to have a clear understanding of the next venues earlier for the next four years as addressed.

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