Apply These 6 Secret Techniques To Improve Essay Writing

improve essay writing

What is an essay?

An essay is a piece of writing that is assigned to each and every no matter in which grade they are, it can be assigned to school students and university students as well. Basically, it is a task that is written to tell a story of something to convince the reader about something. 

Types of essay

There are different kinds of essays that students get to write such as:

narrative essay

A type of essay in which a writer has to narrate a story. In this essay, you can also share your personal experience because you have to tell a story, but make sure it must relate to the topic you have chosen. In narrative essays, literary devices can be used to produce writing that reads like fiction. To do this, think about use dialogue, alliteration, imagery, metaphors, and analogies. A narrative essay often begins with a hook that captures the reader’s interest and gives just enough context for the story to make sense. A conclusion might restate your objectives or serve as a summary of your essay’s major points. For instance, you may summarize how your experience strengthened your ambition to become a lawyer at the conclusion of a narrative essay you’re writing for a job application.

Expository essay

Such kind of essays are being assigned to the students in order to identify their skills or knowledge about the specific topic. In this kind of topic must be chosen neutrally in which you will have to provide information according to figure and facts.

  • Expository essays may have a variety of formats, but they often include the following:
  • An introduction that includes a thesis statement outlining the topic of the essay
  • the section of an essay that presents the subject’s specifics, frequently quoting sources
  • a conclusion that enumerates the key ideas

descriptive essay

This essay can be on any place, person or a thing. Whatever you choose, make sure to provide entire description about the subject. It only focuses on the subject. Therefore, you must do a proper research on the subject so that you can provide a proper information.

Essays comparing and contrasting

Essays that compare and contrast two topics explain their contrasts and similarities. These essays have an introduction, at least one paragraph outlining how the two subjects are similar, at least one paragraph outlining how they are different, and a conclusion. Essays using comparison and contrast are prevalent in academic contexts. An essay comparing and contrasting the characteristics of bees and wasps is an illustration of a compare and contrast essay.

Argumentative essay

Have you ever heard that in essay you must have to argue? Well, that’s true! In this kind of essay, you will have to try to convince your reader by providing your arguments. To do so, your argument must be valid, otherwise your entire essay will be directed towards negative point. Argumentative essays rely on facts rather than emotions.

Persuasive essay

Using arguments and sentimental appeals, persuasive essays seek to convince readers to adopt a position. Persuasive essays may utilize moral justification and emotional appeals to the reader to further a point of view or cause.

For instance, a persuasive essay on the prior subject of corporations offering wellness packages as employee perks can make arguments for the employers’ joy at giving their staff members an added advantage.

Steps to write an Essay

Choose a relevant topic

This is the most important part of an essay because you can only write an essay once you are done with a topic. Therefore, it is very important to choose a relevant topic. Make sure to choose a topic about which you already know something or choose such a topic about which you get something on the internet. 

Brainstorm your topic

Once you are done choosing a topic, now it is time to brainstorm your topic. It means you will have to start your research on the topic and note down the important ideas and make a list of bullet points. After getting complete information now it is time to write down it in your own words.

Develop a thesis statement

This is a very important step of the essay where you will have to write a thesis statement. It will tell your reader about your main purpose of writing an essay. In this step, you must define it very clearly so that your reader gets convinced and stick to your essay.

Have a plan for your essay.

Writing becomes easier and more effective with a solid framework. It’s time to create your essay outline after you’ve developed your thoughts and arguments. It might be as easy as writing down your ideas in a mind map or completely developing it in a straightforward outline format.

Here, the goal is to arrange the arguments and supporting data you obtained. Never omit this stage when composing your essay. This can assist in organizing your work and help you choose how to include all of your key points while still keeping a logical flow. Your body paragraphs should ideally just have one primary topic, along with any necessary elaboration and supporting facts.

How to improve your essay writing

Read more

This is the key point of improving essay writing services, and  skills because reading will give you more and more ideas. Later that can be implemented while writing an essay. Reading will give your tremendous ideas.

Write more and more

Along with reading writing is also important because reading will only give you ideas. Now it is up to you how you implement them and you can only implement them in the right way once you have ideas to implement them. Therefore, by doing a writing practice you will get to know about the proper essay format and you will be able to know what to add and where to add such points.

Plan your writing

Once you are done with writing, reading, and researching now it is time to start writing your essay and it is very important to plan your essay while writing. Even it is the best strategy to go with proper planning. 

Set realistic timelines for your planning that allow for delay time and planning fallacies. Because writers—even those who are highly experienced—often misjudge the difficulty or length of time required to complete a piece. We advise that you record yourself while you write in order to get a more precise estimation.

Write your introduction

How to start your essay is the key to what stands out. Starting is the only paragraph that can hook your reader’s attention. Therefore, before writing an introduction, you should know what kind of information you have to add that will hook your reader.

Write body paragraphs

A basic essay writing task consists of an introduction paragraph, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion, but it is up to you how many body paragraphs you are adding into it because the number of paragraphs can vary as per topic requirements.

Make a conclusion

Your opportunity to leave readers with a positive image of your work is in the conclusion, which is the last piece of your essay. Generally speaking, it ought to confirm your response to the query. Writing a concise recap of your earlier points in three to five sentences is required.

Remember: There shouldn’t be any new information in your conclusion. To strengthen your argument, restate your thesis statement once again and connect your points.

You may take it a step further by meditating on the subject’s larger relevance or by leaving your audience with a meaningful question at the conclusion.

Proofread your essay at least once

Your essay is still not finished. Once you’ve finished writing, you need to read over your work again to make any necessary edits. To ensure that your essay has a good flow and organization, read it from beginning to end. Make sure the proper format is followed and that the first and last paragraphs of the body contain your greatest ideas. Check to see if your essay addresses the assignment help and consider any potential improvements to your argument. Check to determine if your main statement is backed up by any facts or examples in every paragraph.

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