Best Secret Messaging Apps For iOS And Android

secret messaging apps

There are apps available for almost everything, and one thing that makes mobile applications stand out from the websites is the security measure. Mobile apps are highly secured, taking out the concern of the current world given to the preceding scandals that have already taken place. 

Personal data should be a secret that shouldn’t be revealed and should not be broadcasted in any sense whatsoever. Security has always been a concern especially while chatting and to stub the menace of snooping and hacking. If you are aware of the best apps for secret texting, we have got you covered with a collection of 9 of the best secret messaging apps for Android. So, without any further ado, let us commence.


Viber might have lost in the shallows now, but still one of the most encrypted texting apps available for both iOS and Android platforms. The current numbers suggest Viber has above 1 billion users globally.

The app runs comfortably over both Wi-Fi and cellular data, and Viber also provides encrypted calls both International and locals. Other features of the app include,

  • You can create a Viber community with unlimited members.
  • You can enhance 
  • Make your chats lively with stickers and GIFs.
  • Sync with users’ desktops and tablets


Telegram has gained massive popularity in recent times. It is also one of the best encrypted messaging apps in the social media market. Telegram has more than 400 million active users over the past four years, and the numbers are increasing.

With Telegram, you can create a group of up to 2,00,000 members, a massive figure indeed. It’s other features include,

  • You can create multiple accounts 
  • Unlimited message and file-sharing option
  • In-built photo and video editing tools
  • Messages encrypted using a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption


Threema promises to keep data safe and keeps it at bay from the hackers. The app can be used anonymously on both iOS and Android platforms, and it allows people to make encrypted voice-calls and texting.

The app can be used on the desktop as well, and you can continue with calling and texting in a highly secured and encrypted manner. The additional features offered by the app are,

  • Supports multi-file format
  • Share locations, pictures, videos, GIFs, etc.
  • Encrypted voice calling
  • The app can also conduct polls


The next app on the list is KakaoTalk. It is a multi-faceted private chatting app for texting, sharing photos, videos, voice notes, locations, and every other multimedia stuff. All this is done over a cellular or Wi-Fi network.

KakaoTalk is compatible to run on Android, iOS, Windows OS, Mac OS, etc. Some of the perennial features of the app include,

  • The app comes with in-built mobile games
  • Multitasking options during free calls like texting
  • Schedule appointments with reminders
  • Location sharing option
  • You will see who has read your messages

Wickr Me

Wickr Me offers encrypted voice calling and voice memos to connect with friends or a group. In the previous version, there were no options to share images and videos, but the latest update is offering all this. With Wicker Me, you can take full control over who has access to your content and how long it remains accessible.

The security parameter is always right on the top with this secret messaging app. Wicker Me has no access to your messages or your contact list because no contact and email info is required in the registration process. Other eminent features include,

  • Your address book always remains private
  • Advance vetted end-to-end encryption
  • The app overwrites on all deleted content
  • You can create a group of up to 10 users
  • Uses an open-source code for transparency


Next on the list is RingID that comes with high security and is considered the top hidden chat messenger app by many. The app has gained huge numbers in terms of downloads and is rated with 4.1 stars on Apple App Store and 4.3 stars on Google Play Store. Some of the key features of the app include,

  • Now integrate music and media management option using the live feature
  • Select your preferred news providers with the NewsPortal option
  • A timer to self-destruct any message
  • You will get a unique ID to secure social media account sign-in


We all are well aware of Snapchat. Yes, the app has had its ups and downs, but still, Snapchat has managed to be in the race of best private messaging app(s).

Apart from its famous snapping tool, the app has managed to gain popularity for allowing its users with various ways to text secretly like, by taking a snap (image or video). Some other prominent features of Snapchat include,

  • No inclusion of third-party servers
  • No data backup from the makers
  • Messages are deleted automatically after 24 hours
  • Free cloud storage and customizable security settings

Time to call it a day: Here are some of the best apps for secret texting available for both iOS and Android platforms. If you are concerned with your data security and don’t want anyone to intrude in your chatting cycle, choose any of these apps, and make texting highly encrypted.

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