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Nowadays mobile phones are not just for talking. you can watch a full movie or play a video game in it. people love to have a phone which has a large display.  Before buying a mobile they check the length of screen size. But you have to take proper care of the mobile screen to protect it from breakage or damage. There is many screens protector that is available in the market. No matter if you are concerned about the iPhone 6s screens or other models,  choose the right one for your phone.

 Here we will be discussing about different types of the screen protector and their advantages. read this blog till the end to know about them. 

 Tempered glass screen protector-

 Because of the advanced technology, we are getting some amazing products that help to keep our mobile screen breakage-free. With the help of thermal and chemical treatment glass is made stronger 5 to 10 times than before. Initially, they are kept under controlled heat, and eventually, the cooling effect makes the job done.  Wherever you are planning to the best screen protector for a smartphone, tempered glass should be your first choice.  It protects the blue light and gives anti glaring effect without hampering the clear display.

 In case your smartphone falls down on the road or any hard surface the tempered glass will break into pieces s  but the screen will remain intact.  So it is highly durable and protects the mobile screen fully. 

For iPhone 6s screens proper tempered glass adds sharpness and improves visibility. It is easy to clean and needs almost no maintenance.

 There are different types of tempered glass available in the market. some have high definition protection, blocks fingerprint, and control blue light.

PET protector

  Such type of screen protector has a thin film of silicon on one side and adhesive on another side. like tempered glass, they are also protecting the screen and stops reflection. Though they are not as strong as tempered one but still it gives impact protection.

Anti-glare protection 

 As the name suggests, it helps to control the glares and prevents finger impressions.  The mobile screen becomes matte and easy for the eyes. often they lessen the clarity of the screen. so if you are using your phone in the bright light for longer periods, check if this will be perfect or not.

Privacy  protector : 

 They came in the form of tempered glass and PET protection. It has a few extra layers that control the blue light emission and protects your mobile from spying eyes.

Plastic  protector 

 Normally it is made of plastic and covers the phone screen properly. it is not very common in the market as they are not user-friendly and feels unnatural.

 Wrapping Up 

If you own a phone with a high-quality screen then you should be aware to protect it.  A proper screen guard saves its life and extends durability. Accidentally breakage can be handled if you have protected your smartphone screen in the right way. 

 There are lots oaf protectors are available in the market. Depending on your requirement and budget choose one for your mobile.  Research online or talk to local mobile shop owners about what is new in the market, which one can give full protector to your smartphone.  Stay informed about the price and durability.   If needed read the online reviews and ask other users about their preferences. 

 Your mobile is your daily use thing. you can not be casual with it. This blog has given you an idea about the most popular screen guide in the market.  study about them and pick up the best one for you. 

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