Scraping the Real Estate Market With Python

Scraping the Real Estate Market With Python

Scraping, also known as web harvesting, web extraction, and data scraping, is the process of examining the data that determines the information displayed on a website and extracting that data. It’s quickly becoming the go-to tool for analyzing valuable data that isn’t readily available elsewhere. You are suggested to do Python Online Training to start your career quickly. 

Python web scraping is one of the best techniques to acquire an advantage over competitors in the real estate industry. For example, you can use automated software scripts that surf the web to track real estate market price changes and returns on real estate ETF investments.

The Python web scraping technique will be explained in this post and the advantages of web scraping real estate data sources. However, this isn’t the only choice you have to consider. Using coding tutorials to learn how to code can be entertaining but time-consuming – if you are searching for a more convenient choice, pre-built coding capsules maybe your best option. Python Training in Noida may be helpful for you rather than anywhere as well-reputed institutes are there.


Automated trading and investment bots have been around for a long time. Stock trading bots, for example, can be programmed to purchase or sell assets based on various models or indications. For the past 30 years, Renaissance technology has garnered the world’s attention because of its return rates through an algorithmic investment that averaged 60%+ annualized returns. 

Businesses of all sizes can profit from automation’s advantages. In-house software or third-party SaaS platforms can automate specific repetitive operations.

Python bots are a viable option for retail investors looking to automate various aspects of real estate investing. In this article, we’ll look at how to automate property analysis. Listing properties, delivering reminders to tenants, screening tenants (machine learning or AI), and even automatically deploying maintenance employees are some more activities that may be automated. Python Training in Delhi can be a good choice if you think of doing it from any metro city.

An example of a system’s inputs and outputs

Inputs include the listing URL, monthly rental price, and property tax rate for each location. Monthly cash flow, the cap rate, and the cash on cash return rate are provided.

Cash flow – The amount of money left over at the end of the month after all expenses have been paid (mortgage, property management, repair allowances, vacancy expense)

Annual net income divided by asset price is known as the cap rate (in percent)

Net profit per year divided by the asset’s down payment — this is the cash on cash return rate (in percent)


Use of the following software packages was made. Streamlight does not appear to be available via the Anacondas package management at the moment. As Streamlit was deployed with pip in mind, Anacondas and PIP combined may cause issues.

Using the Requests package, pythonists may access web pages using HTTP requests.

Beautiful Soup 4 — A web scraper and data mining tool. Using this package, we may extract the HTML code that represents a website’s content and style. Using lovely soup, it is possible to isolate specific elements of a website after obtaining its HTML code. The price of a house can be fetched by, for example, making a lovely soup.

It’s incredibly easy to deploy web apps with this package. Once the code worked, it was transformed scripts using a Jupyter notebook. An easy-to-use Streamlit interface allowed for quick implementation and little design work. Streamlight makes it much easier to launch a traditional application utilizing Python on the backend, Flask for application deployment, and React for dynamic content.

Composing the program

Its price is mine, mortgage monthly, and net operating, responsible for a large portion of the work.

The following are the primary responsibilities performed by each of these functions:

  • Obtaining the price of the item from the URL
  • To calculate a monthly net operating profit, subtract all expenses from revenue.

This function aims to get the listed price of a house. It is possible to use APIs, but web-scraping is more powerful. Web scraping has the drawback of necessitating code updates to reflect changes to the site’s structure. The beautiful soup was the web scraping program employed in this case. Using f12, a web page is analyzed, and the HTML code for the requested element is found. Isolated parts of the page can be found using this code in lovely soup. Removing commas and dollar signs and needless spaces from the code using the built-in Python function replace allowed for creating the floating-point value.

Monthly mortgage

Listing price, mortgage duration, and interest rate are all parameters that can be entered into this function, which returns the monthly mortgage cost. A generic technique that was easy to implement was utilized to calculate the monthly mortgage payment rather than a specific selection of which method to apply.

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