Scope of Animation in India

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The animation business in India is anticipated to develop at a higher rate than the IT industry. Animation as a professional path allows you to pursue your passion while also receiving positive feedback from your clients.

A full-time study in animation, graphics, and multimedia from an animation training institute is possible. There are a variety of programs available, including certificates, diplomas, and degrees. While admission to courses is based on an entrance test, admission to part-time and short-term courses is based on a first-come, first-served basis. There are several colleges in India’s main cities that provide animation training. Institutes often provide internships and job placement after completing any of the top animation courses.

As of 2021, India’s animation industry had grown and had progressed from being only an outsourcing operation to a producer of homegrown intellectual property as well. As of 2021, there were more than 400 animation companies in India, employing an approximate lakhs of animation experts. According to several national surveys and studies, the value of VFX increased by 30% in 2021, followed by post-production at 50%, animation production at 19%, and animation services at 70%.

Animation – Career Options

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Work possibilities for skilled animators and associated professions such as graphic designers, multimedia developers, game developers, character designers, key frame animators, 3D modelers, layout artists, and so on are available in the following industries:

  • Print and online advertising  
  • News Media
  • Television and film
  • Theatrical 
  • Playing video games
  • E-learning

However, these are only a few instances. There are opportunities with both government and private sector businesses. Animation is an industry in and of itself, and it is growing rapidly. There are several animation studios in India and overseas that work for clients.

Scope of Animation in Future

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An animator or multimedia expert can also operate as a freelancer or launch their own business. Animators work in a variety of roles. Click here for more information about job opportunities in animation.

Animation is a fantastic career path. After completing in-house training from an animation training institute at a prominent animation production firm, one can work as a junior animator and earn a decent income. As an animator develops competence and experience, they might expect to be promoted. Those that create their own businesses may take use of the prospects in the animation sector to the fullest. It’s one of the greatest fields to look into.


Yes, if you have heaps of imagination, this is the ideal job path for you. To be a good animator, you must have a lot of energy and inventiveness. Understanding human, avian, and animal attitudes and movement is critical in animation because it allows you to portray the characters you make in the most suitable way.

Patience, hard effort, and devotion to your task are also required for this profession. Because animation is a multifaceted job, you must work as part of a team, thus you must have strong communication skills. So, if you have the aforementioned abilities and a strong desire to learn more about this creative craft, this is the profession for you.

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