order Indian food
order Indian food

The Netherlands is famous as an Agricultural giant and is known for its Dutch cuisine, but it has all kinds of gourmet delights available and ready for sampling. People from different nationalities are based here, and yummy foods from all over the world are available on your doorstep anytime. Just order Indian food online and start your food discovery journey. Topping the favorite food list is the Indian takeaway!

Why should you opt for Indian foods?

Whether it is the Indian thali, Shahi thali, or seafood dinner, you have loads of options for your plate and can easily order Indian food. Lockdown has taught us the importance of eating tasty food in our cozy dining room. The Indian takeaway is great-tasting food that helps you sustain healthy habits. Furthermore, it also builds up your immunity with spices such as ginger-garlic and turmeric.

Why should you and I order Indian food online? 

There has been a rapid transformation in the “food business” nowadays. Ordering online has become a trend as work culture is becoming a priority for many people.  

  1. Mentalities are changing, and time-starved customers are always looking for something quick. 
  2. In the bitter cold or during a pandemic scare in Amsterdam, Netherlands, you may not want to step out of your house. Isn’t it a better option to get tasty dishes on your dining table by ordering online? Your hunger pangs will be satisfied, and you can get anything you want to be delivered to your home within no time. 
  3. You can enjoy the luxury and warm ambiance of your home by getting the best meal at your doorstep. If you don’t want to cook and feel like lazing in bed, a warm meal on the doorstep is the answer. 
  4. Had a hectic day at the office? Get some food at home, order yummy Indian food online. You have to keep the order timings in mind and slurp away. Give your taste buds a treat!
  5. Many of us are tired of spending the whole day in the kitchen preparing authentic Indian cuisine. And what if the taste is not perfect? Pick the phone to order food online. You can have a delicious meal without heading out of the house.

The online food ordering industry has gained a foothold in recent times. To a great extent, restaurant survival is also dependent on getting food ordered from outside. 

Many businesses have become successful and famous as their online customer base is increasing day by day. 

After a tiresome day at work, people love to hang indoors in their night suits. Many others want a change from their humdrum routine. They plan a get-together for fun in the middle of their drawing rooms. You can have lip-smacking delicacies at your doorstep real quick. 

Benefits of ordering Indian food online:

Whether you stay in Amsterdam, America, or Australia, Indians always look forward to Indian Food. Not only Indians living in the Netherlands, but people worldwide are developing a palate for Indian Food. The thick curries and the tandoori masalas add plenty of memorable spunk to dull dishes. The richness of flavors and spices is a great way to make any party exciting. 

1. Simple and convenient: As we discussed before if your life is busy and there is no time to cook, then ordering Indian Food online for your friends and family can be a big treat. You can treat any number of guests and make them feel important by creating a food bond together. Just open an app and pick the dish you want to order. With a punch of a few buttons, you can get your favorite comfort foods.

2. Ordering online is a seamless process: Customers have the facility of placing their order at any time from anywhere. Loads of resources and time are saved because the customer doesn’t have to pick the food from the restaurant personally. No waiting in line for hours if you have a reorder. Order accuracy improves greatly in this manner.

3. Minimum contact: In these recent times, with the onset of the pandemic and outbreak of COVID 19, it is imperative to minimize human contact. Social distancing has become a must to stop the spread of the virus and help people protect themselves. Ordering Indian Food online reduces the contact dramatically. Most restaurants follow contactless delivery and prefer online payments so that there is no viral transmission. 

4. Customization of the meal: many restaurants take customized orders and prepare a meal according to the customer’s palate. Instructions like Less sugar, more oily, low in spices, can be given when placing an order. The process becomes super quick due to digital intervention and increases ordering frequency.

5. Food choices increase exponentially: You don’t have to order from only one place. There are a large number of restaurants waiting to cater to your demand. You can place the order at more than one place and have them delivered to wherever you are. This way you can enjoy multi-cuisines of different famous restaurants in your home at one time. Ordering from several places at the same time does not restrict you to a limited menu. On top of it, you can cater to a large number of people with great food choices at the same time.

6. Extra perks: people love discounts and promotional sales. Popular diners, cafes, and Restaurants understand the psyche and offer discounts, promotional schemes, extra perks and plenty of dining options, to keep their customers happy. 

7. Expert chefs: Expert Indian chefs are appointed in Amsterdam to provide the customers with gourmet Indian Foods and various other cuisines under the same roof. 

8. Real-time updates: the online menu offers all those foods instantly available in the restaurant. The time of closing the restaurant or wanting a dish that is not available is mentioned clearly in the real-time updates of the online menu itself. This helps prevent last-minute disappointment and provides you the option of ordering from another restaurant. Imagine walking decked up to an eating joint and returning empty-handed because you couldn’t order your preferred meal?

9. Maintaining order history: Order history can be saved, favorite foods marked, and multiple addresses stored in the food ordering app or website. Opening an account makes the ordering process very smooth and hassle-free. 

 The deep connections made through food joints live on in our memories always. A customer who has been treated well and who has enjoyed tasty foods at a particular food delivery outlet never forgets the place. The memories remain imprinted on the customer’s mind. 

 The Indian Gandhi restaurant in the Netherlands promises the customer delicious multi-cuisine food to make memories of a lifetime. Optimum customer satisfaction is the priority for staff members at their Indian food delivery service. Once you order Indian food on the portal, the customer is sent a confirmatory message. A positive virtual guest experience while ordering Indian food online leaves a permanent impression on the customer’s mind and this is what the restaurant ensures!

By Anurag Rathod

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