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Saudi Arabian Airline which is also known as SAUDIA is one of the most renowned and also liked airlines in the whole world. It’s the flagship carrier of Saudi Arabia and it offers its passengers will all the comfort and services that they need. Moreover, it also offers one of the most luxurious services in the whole world. Many people around the globe prefer to travel with this airline carrier because of the comfortable experience that Saudi Arabian Airlines flights provide.

Recently the airline has launched its G20 Saudi Design which has become one of the hottest news. Before finding out what’s G20 Design is all about let’s discuss the history of the Saudi Arabian Airline.


In 1945, Saudi Arabian Airlines was founded when US President Roosevelt, after their meeting in the Suez Canal, presented King Abdul Aziz with a DC-3 Dakota. This plane was used for both passenger and cargo flights. During the earliest years of its operations, the carrier was viewed as a working organization of the Ministry of Defense.

In 1946 their first airport Jeddah was opened. In the 1940s, two more DC-3s were purchased, and in 1949 the first of five Bristol 170s were delivered. Bristol made it possible to carry cargo and passengers on the same flight. New cities such as Cairo, Damascus, and Beirut were served with the expansion.

The Very First Middle Eastern Airline to Fly Boeing

In 1962, Saudi Arabian Airlines was the first Middle East airline to operate a jet when two Boeing 720s were delivered. Now, under the name SAUDIA, the airline operates a modern fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft serving a total of 90 destinations. In addition to being the domestic and international airline of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia also offers cargo, royal or government flights, operated by special types of aircraft. During the annual Hajj season, SAUDIAis one of the largest charter operators.

Recent History

In 2000, the livery was changed again and the airline was renamed to its old name. Saudi Arabian Airlines. Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud has signed a contract to research the airline’s privatization. Currently, it is more or less privatized with parts of the organization based on separate companies. In 2002, a new gold service was launched to Europe, the United States, Dubai, and Kuala Lumpur.

In late 2013, service to Toronto and Los Angeles began with the introduction of the Boeing 777-300 into the fleet.

Launch of G20 Design

Saudi Arabia planes flew in Saudi Arabian Airline flights over the capital city of Riyadh to celebrate the start of the G20 leaders’ summit on Saturday. Seven Saudi hawks and three civilian Saudi Arabian Airlines planes passed the viaduct, following the Kingdom’s national white and green colors.

The SAUDIA aircraft delegation featured:

  • An Airbus A320.
  • A Boeing 787-9.
  • A Boeing 777-300ER.

All of these airplanes flew with the G20 Presidency logo that was a moment of excitement for many people. The public airline company of Saudi Arabia is focused on being a worldwide flight accomplice in interfacing and fortifying economies and ventures. It’s offering amazing Saudi Arabian Airline flight deals seamlessly to connect travelers across borders and strengthening logistic capacity and supply chain.

It Suites the Airline

Concurring with a groundbreaking occasion, it is the 75th commemoration of the aircraft – one of the primary carriers set up in the Middle East. In recent years, SAUDIA has invested heavily in its fleet, acquiring the most modern new aircraft, and currently operates one of the three youngest fleets in the sky with an average aircraft age of 5 years.

The multi-award-winning SAUDIA carrier is one of the largest airlines in the Middle East, serving 144 narrow-body aircraft that even offer Islamabad to Jeddah flights. The airline network covers more than 95 destinations on four continents to all 28 domestic airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Bottom Line

Due to the COVID-19, the Riyadh summit of this year took place virtually or digitally with leaders and ministers taking part via a webcam over the internet. Preparatory events, such as Women 20 and Business 20, were also held digitally. Addressing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is at the forefront of this year as countries try to recover from the devastating economic impact of the virus.

The environment also stands out, and the ever-threatening threat of climate change is on the agenda. This year’s program also focused more on culture than in previous years, with culture ministers pledging to support the 2.3 trillion US dollars to the cultural economy.

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