Odyssey Z: A Laptop for Serious Gamers

odyssey z laptop

Every year Samsung comes up with their amazing and impeccable devices that are enabled with technology that creates a path towards the future. Samsung is the South Korean technological market giant throughout the globe. This huge brand has provided many world-class devices like monitor, TVs, washing machines, refrigerators and much more. Samsung’s devices have already made millions of lives easier with their impressive home appliances.

However, here we have something to review and that is something very serious and a hot product for games.

Samsung Odyssey Z, a gaming laptop whose specifications is quite shocking. The Odyssey Z is loaded with 6 core Intel Core i7 8th generation processor that is advanced with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 Max-P. The GPU of this gaming laptop holds 6GB of DDR5 memory, 1TB of NVMe SSD and a 16GB DDR4 primary RAM memory.

It is the world’s thinnest gaming laptop with the width of 17.9 mm and it weighs only 2.24 Kg. Well, the Odyssey Z includes the Dynamic Spread Vapour Chamber that actually covers GPU and CPU both. To keep the laptop’s temperature in balance, the Odyssey Z is powered with two Z blade fans that work as a blower and keeps away 96% of heat out of the box. The best part is this laptop’s trackpad is at the right corner with which makes gamers to play games without any external mouse.

Odyssey Z has a battery of 54Wh that will keep the gaming for quite a long period of time. Still, Samsung provides a battery adaptor of 180W with this powerful gaming machine. The keyboard is just amazing as it has a backlight keyboard. Z’s keyboard comes with crater keycaps that provide an outstanding gaming experience. It has two USB 3.0 ports with one USB 2.0 and also with a one USB type c port that makes the wired connectivity of this laptop impeccable. One of the best parts of Odyssey Z is that it has some dedicated buttons that are useful for games. Games who love to stream online get’s a direct screen recording button that instantly starts recording the screenplay. The second button is to turn on and off the silent mode. In silent mode, the noise of the fans also decreases to 33 dB.

There is much to explore about the Samsung Odyssey Z laptop. However, this gaming machine has a pro and a con, let’s find it out.


  • The design of this laptop is quite impressive and is unique if compared to other gaming laptops. Odyssey has the most robust laptop design and the gaming performance with this machine is far much better than the other existing gaming laptops in the market. Samsung Odyssey Z has the best gaming setup.


  • The disadvantage of this gaming machine is the trackpad is a bit creepy. Sometimes it does not respond that makes the gaming experience a bit annoying. Also, this laptop seems quite overpriced.

Final Verdict

Well, the choice is yours, consider trying this new Samsung’s gaming machine first and then decide whether to purchase it or not.

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